Expert Advice: 5 Reasons You’ll Regret NOT Hiring a Wedding Videographer

Tampa Bay Wedding Videographer | Bonnie Newman Creative

Wedding photography is always at the top of couples to-do lists when it comes to booking their wedding pros, however videography is often looked at as an “extra” or “if we have enough money left in the budget.”

The problem with this mindset is that there are only a handful of good, professional wedding videographers in Tampa Bay, so if you wait until just a couple of months out, they'll already be booked.

One of the biggest regrets most of our couples have about their wedding is not hiring a videographer. Expect to invest around $2-4k, but I promise you, if you hire a reputable one, you will absolutely not regret it. (Though if you go the cheap route…I can't help you there!)

Tampa Bay wedding videographer Bonnie Newman Creative shares some great insight on why you want to capture your big day on video and how it could potentially save your marriage:

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