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Tampa Wedding Photographers

Searching for a wedding photographer in the Tampa Bay area? Marry Me Tampa Bay has hand selected wedding photographers to capture your special day!

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Top Wedding Photographers in Tampa Bay

Evoke Photo and Film (formerly Garry and Stacy Photography)
Rachel Elle Photography
Iyrus Weddings
Amber McWhorter Photography
J&S Media
Sabrina Autumn Photography
Mary Anna Photography
Iyrus Weddings Video

Learn More: Iyrus Weddings Video
K&K Photography

“Who’s Who” Tampa Bay Wedding Photographers 2024

Choosing your Tampa Bay wedding photographer is one of the biggest decisions you can make. When your wedding day is over, photography and videography are the only things you’ll have to relive your big day.

We value excellent wedding photography, which is why we only recommend a curated list of photographers.

Have you noticed if you go to any other wedding planning website, they typically include pages and pages of wedding photographers?

As you can see, Marry Me Tampa Bay does not.

Why? Because we don’t allow just anyone to be a “Preferred Wedding Pro.” Most wedding planning sites will add anyone who pays for a listing, and in a few cases, anyone can create a free profile.

Trust us; we’ve reviewed literally over 2,000 weddings and have seen EVERY type of photographer. Because we have a trained eye, we can spot not-so-good ones pretty quickly. However, most couples don’t always know the elements of an amazing photographer. They only see a handful of portraits, which they like, and then book based on price. They don’t consider their photographer’s experience (or lack of), quality of equipment, turnaround time, and standing in the wedding community.

So you’re probably asking yourself, how am I supposed to know all of this? I’ve never hired a professional photographer before.

Well, we’re helping to take that guesswork away.

Marry Me Tampa Bay has carefully curated the wedding photographers included here, passed a reference check based on other wedding professionals’ feedback (not just past couples), and will capture your wedding beautifully!