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Tampa Wedding Photographer Dewitt-for-Love-Photography

Dewitt for Love Photography

Dewitt for Love is a Husband and Wife Photography Team that specializes in Weddings, Celebrations, Families, and Brands! Shannon is the wife half, a crazy cat mom, fashion lover, CEO boss babe, and total perfectionist (a blessing and a curse)! Brandon is the tall and bearded, laid-back, sports enthusiast that Shannon describes as “the most fun and positive person” she’s ever met.

What We Love About Dewitt for Love Photography


We Love Weddings Because…

We love photographing weddings because they are such an incredible accumulation of joy, love, and a damn good time!! You’ll often find us shimmying around the dance floor while shooting Reception photos, laughing with your Wedding Party, and giving your parents a sweaty hug goodbye at the end of the night. For us, the more involved we are, the better we know how to serve you best, and we are so lucky to have couples who treat us like one of the family! We aim to give everyone permission to be themselves on your day…leave the “making you look good” part to us!

Our Wedding Style

Our Wedding Photography style is what we describe as “well-rounded”, while leaning towards the Editorial Photography realm. We love creating images that look like they’re out of the pages of a magazine (and we have had our work featured in magazines too, so fun!), while still making sure to capture fun dance shots, bloopers, and the most loving and touching candid moments. Our editing style is true to life “with some dirt on it”…classic, but with a little edge. Most of our couples will tell you that most of their images laughing are from us cracking jokes and that you don’t have to be a model for us to pose and direct you into perfectly wonderful moments!

Our Personality

We have so much in common with our personalities!! We both love to dance, have a great time, and are both the ultimate extroverts! We’re the couple that dances in the kitchen and will travel anywhere to cross something off Shannon’s Photography “bucket list”. We have a saying on trips, “no bad decisions”. We plan very little and just focus on having a great time, and it always works out! Where do we differ? Shannon has a huge heart for animals and has always wanted to live on a farm but in the heart of downtown. She’s a city girl who has an incredible drive to succeed and to give her very best to her couples! Shannon also loves fashion, architecture, and art! Brandon is laid-back, and one of the most confident and charismatic people you’ll ever meet! He loves sports, going on new adventures, and is the guy that is literally just good at everything! He gives the best hugs to all (no bias here!), and truly lives his life with the idea that there is never something that can’t be fixed, and never too much positivity.

What Inspired Us to Start Our Business

I (Shannon Dewitt) originally started Dewitt for Love as an answer to a question. The question was, “what could I do that I feel would keep me happy for the rest of my life?” I was in a corporate job that just didn’t seem to fit my creative brain, and I decided that feeling unfulfilled forever just wasn’t an option! So when I got introduced to Photography more before and after our own wedding, I started to practice and learn more about the craft. By 2016 I had put in my notice and hit the ground running! Since then I have brought in my husband, Brandon, who has what I call a “documentary style with a sense of humor”. I love seeing his images from Weddings when we get home…they have so much feeling. And that’s always what we strive to portray!

What Makes Our Business Stand Out

What makes our business stand out from other photographers is our commitment to allowing our couples’ personalities to shine, while creating a great mix of Editorial, Candid, and Romantic imagery! You’ll never catch us without a smile on our faces, and doing everything we can to make sure you and your family and friends are completely comfortable in front of our cameras! We’re often told that Wedding guests and family members talk about the “positive vibes” we brought to the day, which is the ultimate compliment! Remember, your photographers are around you all day, so it’s important that our top priority is to create a fun and stress-free environment…then the most wonderful images to follow!

Creating editorial images that look like they’re out of a magazine are our absolute favorites to create! We love finding beautiful ways to incorporate the feeling and styled elements of your day to create a stunning story! Capturing real emotions and unexpected moments during such a hectic day are also some of our favorite shots to deliver!

Associations & Awards

Babe Crafted, Marry Me Tampa Bay, Professional Photographers of America, Every Last Detail V-List Member

The Knot’s Best of Weddings 2018, 2019, 2020
Wedding Wire’s Couples’ Choice Awards 2018, 2019, 2020

Best of the Bay 2019
Best of the Bay 2020

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Martha Stewart Weddings
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The Knot Magazine: Florida (Fall/Winter 2020)
The Knot Magazine: Georgia (Fall/Winter 2019)
Our Love In Color Magazine (Fall 2020)
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Celebration Society
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Services & Pricing

Full wedding day pricing begins at $4,400 for 8 hours, with most couples spending $7,000 for 10 hours on average for wedding coverage & engagement session.

Meet Shannon and Brandon Dewitt

I (Shannon) am a fashion-loving, slightly zaney, super creative person. Throughout my life I’ve always gravitated towards all things artistic; from musical theatre, to sketching, to costuming. I have always been a jack of all trades but feel that I’ve found my home in Photography. It has allowed me to continually learn and create without ever feeling “done”. I love to laugh and always wanted to be voted Class Clown. I have a degree in Psychology from USF…which oddly enough really comes in handy on wedding days, not to mention this year! :)

One thing most couples would be surprised to know is:

We’re just the weirdest people ever! Haha! We often freestyle songs about our cat, learn dance moves all the time and hope for the day we’ll be able to use a flash mob for something, and we sit on the same side of the booth. I KNOW, I know it’s a polarizing issue but it’s just how we roll! We’re best friends and love being able to work together while celebrating love on a weekly basis!

Non-wedding Passions:

Brandon and I both love traveling together, listening to music, and dancing! Brandon loves playing sports, and I have always loved musical theatre!

Reviews from Marry Me Tampa Bay Couples

Marry Me Tampa Bay curates the below reviews from real couples whom we’ve personally interviewed. As Tampa Bay’s most trusted wedding planning resource, these reviews are 100% accurate and aren’t created by fake accounts.

  • When looking for wedding photographers, I looked at their online portfolios and scheduled time to speak with them before booking. After my first phone call with Shannon, I knew immediately that I wanted to hire Dewitt for Love. She was so easy to talk to and even offered numerous other vendor recommendations. I could truly feel how much she really cared about our wedding being a successful event, and that was something important to me.

    I specifically chose to hire Dewitt for Love not just because of their large online portfolio filled with stunning photography but also because of their fun personalities and willingness to help in all areas. Shannon and Brandon work hard, not just at taking pictures but also at setting the tone for a fun and carefree day. Weddings can be stressful, and having photographers around who lighten the mood definitely helps to keep the event focused on having fun and results in an album full of big smiles and laughter.

    – Rachel & Alec |
  • Our top priority was finding a photographer who could capture in a candid and editorial style. We aimed to spend most of our day just soaking in the moments, wanting images that truly reflected the genuine emotions of the day. It was important to find a photographer who could guide us when necessary but also someone we just clicked with and felt relaxed around.

    From our very first conversation, it was clear that Dewitt for Love Photography was the perfect choice for us as our wedding photographer. Their photographs were stunning, and Shannon and Brandon’s infectious energy and warm personalities sealed the deal. Their passion for capturing moments of genuine connection and their timeless yet edgy style resonated with us. We were confident that they would not only deliver breathtaking images but also add great energy and mesh seamlessly into our day. And boy, did they deliver!

    We were thrilled with the album we received, with over 1,000 beautiful photos that allowed us to relive every precious moment of the day. The attention to detail and the way they captured the emotions of each moment were truly remarkable. On top of that, we received countless compliments about them from our guests, praising their professionalism and talent, reaffirming that we made the perfect choice.

    – Katie and Sam |
  • We wanted to work with local vendors as much as possible and used Marry Me Tampa Bay often at the beginning of our wedding research! It was so helpful to see the list of preferred vendors, search other weddings for inspiration, and read vendor reviews from the couples. Because everything on the blog is a wedding in the Tampa Bay area, it made it easy to look through the vendors and event spaces without having to filter to see if that vendor would be available for our wedding.

    As someone who dabbles in photography, we looked for a photographer who understands lighting and has experience with golden hour photo shoots, direct light, and flash photography. We wanted our photos to look editorial and someone who makes us feel comfortable in front of the camera. We had a meeting with Shannon and just knew instantly that we had found our photographer. She is so bubbly and energetic, and you can tell she loves her job and has a passion for it.

    We’ve seen a ton of Tampa wedding photos while researching a photographer, and the photos that resonated most with us happened to all be shot by Dewitt for Love Photography. Their photos are editorial, emotional, and just look like art. Brandon and Shannon made us all laugh throughout the day and just made everyone feel so comfortable, especially those who aren’t usually in front of a camera. They both have an eye for placement and are able to easily direct people. We definitely found our family photographer and hope to work with them forever.

    – Milynn and Mike |
  • We wanted editorial photos, true to color, that showcased our personalities. Given that couples spend so much time with their photographers on one of the biggest days of their lives, it was also important for us to have a team we could vibe with, who would enhance our day and build on the experience for our guests and wedding party.

    Dewitt for Love Photography is the perfect team. Shannon is a details queen! When we first reached out, she expertly walked us through the wedding process from the photography standpoint (and then some). At the end of our call, she sent us a nearly finished photography timeline (a year and an hour before the wedding), which was a lifesaver down the road. As for Brandon, his fun energy is contagious in the best way. If you want someone who will enhance the party, make everyone feel comfortable, and bring out those natural smiles, he’s your guy. We received so many compliments from our wedding party and family about how comfortable they felt with our photographers, which was really important for us.

    – Amber and Will |
  • I wanted a photographer who had an editing style that would age well—one where their colors were true to life, something timeless but not vanilla. I wanted a photographer who I knew could capture some candid moments and bring out our authentic personalities. We didn’t want super traditional poses but something that could incorporate some modern styles and our personalities as well.

    Having worked with Shannon and Brandon of Dewitt For Love Photography, it was a simple decision, really. I knew they would check all the boxes and be the best people to spend the day with. After all, you do spend the most time with your photographers and videographers on your wedding day, so we wanted to feel comfortable! They have the best personalities, and it’s easy to feel like you’ve been friends with them for years after only knowing them for a short time. They were wonderful with letting us be present in the moment and not rushing onto the next photo opp, but instead letting each point breathe and just letting us be us. They made our wedding party and family so comfortable, and it just felt like we were all hanging out. Our friends and family kept saying how much fun they had with them and enjoyed having them there.

    We were blown away by our gallery. Every single moment and detail seemed even better in the photos than I remember.

    – Shannon and Kyle |
  • We looked at the quality of photos and if they were able to capture those special moments, and we were so blessed with Dewitt for Love Photography; they sure delivered.

    Shannon and Brandon were amazing. The excellence, professionalism, and detail were on point. Absolutely a pleasure to work with, and I could not have been happier.

    – Sana and Furqan |

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