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Tampa Wedding Hair and Makeup

Discover the top wedding hair and makeup artists in Tampa Bay. Our curated list features experienced professionals specializing in bridal beauty, including hair styling, makeup artistry, and complete beauty packages for yourself and your bridesmaids!

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Top Wedding Hair Stylists and Makeup Artists in Tampa Bay

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“Who’s Who” Tampa Bay Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists 2024

Advice About Hiring a Tampa Wedding Hair and Makeup Artist

Your wedding day is the day that you should look and feel your best. You’ve spent money on a gorgeous wedding dress and wedding photographer, so don’t forget to hire a professional hair and makeup artist. It’s fine to let your friend do your make-up for a party or night out but leave it to the professionals on your special day. We highly recommend the below Tampa Bay wedding hair and makeup wedding vendors, as they have been personally vetted by Marry Me Tampa Bay and are highly respected by their industry peers. If you want one of the above vendors to contact you, please fill out the form at the bottom of the page!