Wed Talks: Live Q&A About Coronavirus Wedding Postponement

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Master Wedding Planner and Tampa Bay Association of Bridal Consultants local co-Director Tammy Waterman, owner of Special Moments Event Planning, answers questions about postponing your wedding because of the Coronavirus in during “Wed Talks.”

  • When Can Couples Start Having Weddings Again? 2:18
  • What Wedding Date Should Start the Rescheduling Process? 3:00
  • How does the Stay at Home Order Affect Weddings? 4:00
  • Issuing Marriage License: 5:30
  • Should Summer Weddings Start Postponing? 7:30
  • Should Couples Book Vendors Now? 8:33
  • How are Refunds being Handled? 9:33
  • What Happens if Couples Postpone from an Off-Peak to a Peak Date? 11:58
  • Rebooking Vendors for the New Date: 13:30
  • General Wedding Planning Tips and Live Q&A: 14:45

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