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Arianna J Photography

Hi I’m Arianna. A woman who has built her business over the last decade with over 15 years behind the camera.

I don’t consider myself simply a photographer, I consider myself an artist. As Vincent Van Gogh said, “there is nothing more truly artistic than to love”, and capturing that love is my greatest joy + passion.

Capturing weddings is not just about capturing images. It’s completely immersing yourself in the connections around you. Each love story is different and it’s both a challenge and a joy to capture them, to make each couple’s gallery entirely unique to their love.

What We Love About Arianna J Photography




What We Offer

Weddings, elopements, couples sessions. If there’s a moment big or small to be captured we are there. Here at AJP we also offer a variety of prints through our print shop from simple to more complex. Feel free to reach out with any questions regarding our products.

We Love Weddings Because…

When I first started photography I delved into all different realms. I’ve really done it all. From food and cocktails to families, maternity and newborn. Luxury homes, portraits and headshots, events. Then I started working weddings.

I was blown away. How incredible to be let into this world. A day that couples dream about their entire lives. A day filled with so many emotive moments both big and small. Intimate and sacred. These were memories, memories I was collecting for them to save for the rest of their lives. I’ve built my career on only weddings for the past five years and I’ve never looked back.

I hardly call it a career though, how many people get to say they get to meet incredible humans, watch sunsets and attend weddings for their job? All while creating art in the process. To me, I am truly living my dream. When I say I am extremely passionate about what I do that would only be scratching the surface.


Our Wedding Style

My art is ever evolving and as such I do not like putting myself into a box. What I will say, is that I am a believer in capturing images that are emotive and thought provoking.

If I had to give myself adjectives in modern day photography I would choose a combination of candid, documentary style and editorial.

There are so many different moments on a wedding day, and as such there are so many different ways to capture these moments. My goal as your wedding photographer is never to put trends over connection and to capture images that feel true.

I want you to look back on your wedding photos in the years to come and feel the way you felt when you were there.

Our Personality

This is a fun question that I love because if you meet me you will understand there are two very real facts about me. The first is that I take my job very, very seriously. The second is that’s about the only thing I take seriously. Wearing a smile is part of my outfit, and going with the flow is the way I’ve always been. All of my couples will tell you that I bring the zen and calm to an otherwise full and busy day.

I strongly believe there are no bad vibes on wedding days. I want to seamlessly fit into your bridal party as the person you feel you’ve known your entire life and I want you to trust me when anything stressful arises and decisions need to be made confidently.

I want you to see that I do cry tears during the father daughter dance, and laugh during the best man speech. When I say I am fully present on your day, I really truly am. I am that person that will laugh with you and cry with you through all the moments and I pride myself on forming everlasting friendships with all of my couples after their wedding day ends.

What Inspired Us to Start Our Business

My mother is an artist. Ever since I could remember I have been creating art. Photography was the medium where I found I could fully express myself. I love the saying, only you can see the world like you do.

I first picked up a film camera at the age of 12, started as a photo journalist when I was 16 and now, many years later, I  get to capture couples and tell their stories during some of the most joyous times of their lives.


What Makes Our Business Stand Out

As a mentor I teach that what makes you stand out of the crowd is a combination of your portfolio, referrals and personality.  I have spent the last 7 years building a strong portfolio with a long list of venues in the greater Tampa area. As such I  have been blessed to form strong vendor relationships with so many incredibly talented businesses.

Let’s face it, there is no shortage of photographers in this area. Photographers that are experienced in their craft and do beautiful work.

What really sets us apart is how we show up for our clients. How we advocate for them.  How we fit into their lives and their own personalities. How we deliver. How we go above and beyond and then some. I treat every wedding as if it were my own and my goal is to leave not as someone they hired but as someone they trust, as someone who will now be a forever friend.

There is something to be said for never leaving a wedding without giving my couples the biggest hug, and receiving the biggest one back.

Associations & Awards

AJP has been recognized through numerous publications both locally and internationally. Some more notable publications include the Wall Street Journal, Carats and Cake, Style me Pretty, Destination I Do and of course, Marry Me Tampa Bay. Awards include a top space in Best Wedding Photographers in the greater Sarasota area where we are home based.

Services & Pricing

Weddings, elopements, couples sessions. If there’s a moment big or small to be captured we are there. Here at AJP we also offer a variety of prints through our print shop from simple to more complex. Feel free to reach out with any questions regarding our products.

Pricing can be found via our website under the service page with our simple package starting at $4,000 and our luxe package at $7,500. Most couples opt for the classic package which includes 8 hours + an engagement session for $5,500.

Exclusively for Marry Me Tampa Bay Readers

Meet Arianna Potts

I wear many hats in my daily life. I am a wife, a mother to three incredible children and a photographer who is incredibly blessed to do what she loves every day. I firmly believe in romanticizing your life to the fullest, and I emulate that concept through all aspects of my life both at home and in my career.

As cliche as it sounds I love simplicity. Once you get to a certain space in your life you realize that the simple moments are what we all really crave. The “grandma era” if you will.

Whether it’s trying new recipes for dinner or propagating a new plant, or bird watching while we’re paddle boarding. I try to be fully present in my daily life and each moment that I spend. I am an artist and a creative at heart, always finding new hobbies to do (sometimes poorly) but I try it anyway. Making candles, beading jewelry, painting skateboards and baking are some of my recent endeavors.

One thing most couples would be surprised to know is:

I have three kids! Yes, this is a shock a lot of the time. I have a daughter and two sons, one being a little under a year old. Through many years of practice I’ve been able to achieve a balance of work and home life that enables me to give everything to my children and my career simultaneously.

Non-wedding Passions:

I love to travel! So much. A little too much my husband might say. There is never a time that I do not have an upcoming trip already on the books, or at least five or six itineraries fully planned for “when the time comes”. I am obsessed with seeing the world and experiencing everything that our short time on earth has to offer.


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