How to Set a Wedding Budget in Tampa Bay

When planning one of the most memorable days of your lives, it's easy to get lost in a sea of wedding inspiration pins; however, you have to be realistic when it comes to planning a wedding that you can afford.

In the Tampa Bay area, we find that $30,000 tends to be a good reference point for a wedding budget when hiring professional, reputable vendors.


You'll have some fixed costs, such as wedding photography, videography, and DJ, which will be the same whether you have two guests or two hundred, but most of your wedding budget will depend on the number of guests you invite. This means a wedding with 50 guests and a $30,000 budget can do a lot more than a wedding with 200 guests and a $30,000 budget.

The largest amount of your wedding budget will go toward food/venue/beverage, so if that cost is $150/per person, then by cutting ten people from your guest list, you just saved $1,500. In addition to that $1,500, your cake, invitations, number of centerpieces, linens, chairs, place settings etc. is also dependent on the number of attendees, so that's another savings.

To learn more insight on setting a wedding budget in Tampa Bay and how much you should budget per vendor category, watch our Expert Advice video below:


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