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Mother’s Day Round Up: Mother/Daughter Wedding Day Moments

Memorable Mother/Daughter Wedding Day Portraits | Tampa Bay Wedding Photography

Mother Daughter Wedding Day Moments | Tampa Bay Wedding Photographer Limelight Photography

Surrounding every bride on her wedding day is someone who has played an important role in her life. This week we are honoring all of the moms who have been there from the moment you said “Yes!” to your wedding day exit.

To celebrate one of our favorite wedding guests, Mom, we've asked top Tampa Bay wedding photographers to share their memorable mother/daughter moments.

Bride and Daughter on Wedding Day before Ceremony | Tampa Wedding Photographer Kera Photography
Kera Photography

“When I first arrived in the room to meet the bride, her mom was smiling ear-to-ear. Every mom has a different reaction to her daughter getting married, but this mother was so encouraging, uplifting and genuinely happy. When it was time for their portrait, the bride's mom flashed back to when she was a kid, she tapped her nose, pinched her cheek and tickled her a bit. It was just a pure “growth” moment, and I could see their entire mother/daughter relationship unfold in that one moment.” -Kera Holzinger, Kera Photography

Mother Daughter Wedding Day Parent Dance Portrait | Tampa Bay Wedding Photography Marc Edwards PhotographsMarc Edwards Photographs

“Lisa and her mother, Patricia, are very close and I just feel that she must feel a great deal of peace knowing that her little girl found an amazing man to marry. I love this image of the two of them because it's probably the first time I had ever seen such a sweet moment as this one, with them both doing the same thing. You can really feel a connection here between mother and daughter. This is certainly a moment they have both been waiting on for the eight years I've known them.” -Marc Edwards, Marc Edwards Photographs

Mother/Daughter Wedding Portrait | Tampa Bay Wedding Photographer Limelight PhotographyLimelight Photography

“Sharon's mom was beyond happy that she was able to come and see her daughter and Kevin declare their love for each other. Her mom had not been feeling very well up until this point, but seeing her daughter marrying the man of her dreams made her feel so much better! It is amazing what happiness and love can do for the soul. I love this candid moment that I caught as Sharon and her mom embraced just before the bride put on her wedding gown. You can see the sparkle in her mom’s eye and the genuine love they share for each other!” -Rebecca Zoumberos, Limelight Photography

Mother/Daughter Wedding First Dance | Kristen Marie Photography

Kristen Marie Photography

“Instead of a traditional Father/Daughter dance the bride decided she wanted to do a dance with her mother who didn't know the dance was taking place. The mother and daughter have a song Because You Loved Me by Celine Dion that they have always related to and now dancing to that on the bride's wedding day that gave them a special moment together.” -Kristin Jeffers, Kristen Marie Photography

Getting Ready: Bride and Mom on Wedding Day |Tampa Wedding Photographer Knight Light Imagery
Knight Light Imagery

“I adore this sweet, intimate moment that was not posed at all. Rather, the bride was getting some finishing touches done to her makeup and her momma leaned down to give her a quick kiss on the cheek. It's moments like this that I love capturing, when the bride doesn't necessarily know I'm snapping a shot of a sweet moment.” -Brittany Knight-Echemendia, Knight Light Imagery

Wedding Generation Portrait of Mom and Daughter on Wedding Day with Wedding Rings | Tampa Wedding Photographer Caroline & Evan Photography
Caroline & Evan Photography

“I admire when couples have great relationships with each other's parents, and family was hugely important on this wedding day.” -Caroline Smith, Caroline & Evan Photography

Bride Escorted by Mom on Wedding Day Down the Aisle | Tampa Wedding Photographer Rad Red Creative
Rad Red Creative

“Melissa lost her father before her wedding day, so when it came time to walk down the aisle to her soon to be hubby, Jon, Mom stepped up and filled that void. This is such a beautiful moment as Mom watches Melissa grin ear to ear with happiness!” -Brittany Trevino, Rad Red Creative 

Bride and Mom Walking Down the Aisle | Tampa Wedding Photographer Carrie Wildes Photography
Carrie Wildes Photography

“Liz's mom walked her down the aisle, and you could see the love in her eyes as she looked over to give her daughter to Paul to be married. There wasn't a dry eye in the room!” -Carrie Wildes, Carrie Wildes Photography

Mother Daughter Wedding Day Parent Dance Portrait | Tampa Bay Wedding Photographer Andi Diamond Photography

Andi Diamond Photography

“Kristina and her mom are very close, so she chose to have a special dance with her. In this moment, everyone in the room could feel how special their bond is with each other.” -Andi Diamond, Andi Diamond Photography