Reviews from Marry Me Tampa Bay Couples

Marry Me Tampa Bay curates the below reviews from real couples whom we’ve personally interviewed. As Tampa Bay’s most trusted wedding planning resource, these reviews are 100% accurate and aren’t created by fake accounts.

  • “To us, the photographs were the biggest investment of the whole process. We knew early on that we didn’t want video, so our mission was to find the perfect photographer to capture the big day. We needed a photographer who was talented, artistic and could get the most out of us. I looked at thousands of photos on Carrie Wildes Photography blog, so before we met them we had a good feel for their style and quality. We knew from the first meeting that we were in good hands. We fell in love with our engagement photos, and our wedding photos were just incredible. We received many compliments at how hardworking the photographers Kandice and Rachel were that night battling the rain and chill of a February evening. They offered top-notch service and treated us like family. We anticipate that they’ll photograph many more important events in our lives!”

    – Angell and Jared |
  • “We were looking for a photographer who could capture the action shots that showed the emotion of our day. Carrie Wildes Photography had done a number of weddings, including a few at the Marriott, so she was familiar with the venue. We instantly connected with Carrie in our meeting. She was taking words right out of my mouth for the way I hoped our photos would look! She had a lot of great ideas of locations for the first look, group shots and how to capture the ceremony from above.”

    – Nichole and Michael |
  • “We looked for a wedding photographer who was organized, dependable, and most importantly, took great pictures. TJ actually found Carrie Wildes Photography through Marry Me Tampa Bay! Once we saw the surprise engagement pictures and met with her, we knew she would be our wedding photographer. Carrie and Kandice were absolutely wonderful to work with. When we got our pictures, we were blown away with how awesome they were.”

    – Brooke and TJ |
  • “We really wanted someone who would do great candid shots in addition to the normal posed ones. We absolutely didn’t want cheesy or staged shots. It was also important the photos wouldn’t rely heavily on Photoshop. We saw Carrie’s work of Carrie Wildes Photography , and all of the shots looked like they captured real moments as opposed to posed ones. When we met with Carrie in person, we knew she was the person we were looking for.”

    – Lauren and Zach |
  • “Great personality and energy, professional prints, unique and different angles and settings for the pictures. We specifically hired Carrie Wildes Photography because she not only came highly recommended, but also had the depth and quality of service we were looking for. We viewed many weddings that she shot at The Tampa Club and were highly impressed with her ability to capture the essence of the club and the beautiful views with the windows of the Grand Ballroom. The service was unmatched. We had very high expectations for our photos, and our final proofs beyond exceeded our expectations. We can’t thank her and her team enough for capturing our favorite moments in the most incredible way.” – Erin and Joe

    – Erin and Joe |
  • “We wanted someone who made us feel comfortable and was able to capture the windows in The Tampa club as they are not easy to work with. Miriam was super fun and made taking pictures a breeze. We both have large families and wanted to get as many pictures as possible. With Miriam and Greta we got ever single picture that we wanted! Carrie Wildes Photography not only was very experienced at photographing at The Tampa Club but had a fair price. Photography was very important to us because once the moment and day are over you can’t redo it! Their team made taking pictures a breeze and they all came out amazing!”

    – Madison and Matt |
  • “We definitely wanted a wedding photographer who was easy going, but also super organized and could accommodate our wishes on our wedding day. Carrie, of Carrie Wildes Photography, is so nice. When we first met her, she instantly made us feel super comfortable and truly allowed us to feel valued as customers. We loved her and would recommend her to absolutely everyone!”

    – Liz and EG |
  • “Spontaneity, thoughtfulness. Carrie Wildes Photography had a great portfolio and offered unmatched service we were thoroughly impressed with. Working with her helped us capture the memories that will be apart of us forever.”

    – Kate and Joe |
  • I wanted to work with a photographer who was real and precise at capturing the perfect moment. I wanted a photographer who was true to the moment without any major picture editing.

    Photos can be overwhelming but I felt like Carrie Wildes Photography and her team let me be without missing out on the important photo moments. I never felt like I was rushed or stressed. I felt like the photos just flowed with the day. Carries is a very talented and the absolute sweetest!

    – Jen and Danny |
  • As a wedding planner, it was very easy for me to choose my vendors as I have worked with most of them for years. I tell my brides that they need to meet their photographers in person to make sure they like being around them. If they are not comfortable with them, their pictures will show that on their wedding day.

    Carrie Wildes and I have known each other for 15 years; I knew she would do a spectacular job. With the venue we chose, we wanted lots of photos outside of the gorgeous landscape. Carrie is the expert, and she delivered exactly what we wanted.

    – Nancy and Bill |
  • We wanted a photographer who would tell the story of our day with natural, true-to-life photos. Carrie Wildes Photography delivered a beautiful photo journal of our day. We couldn’t be happier with the content and quality of the photos. Carrie has established herself as a premier Tampa Bay Area photographer, and we wanted the best. She and her team were fantastic!

    – Kate and Matt |
  • We wanted someone who listened to our needs and desires. We did not fit into a cookbook recipe for wedding photography. After having an initial phone conversation, we liked Carrie Wildes Photography a lot. Carrie seemed to understand us. We also like the unique options for the products that she offered. She did an amazing job and the pictures are beautiful.

    – George and Nathan |
  • We wanted bright and sharp pictures and did not want a rustic or edited feel to the photos.

    As soon as we told our wedding planner what we wanted in a photographer, she told us about Carrie Wildes Photography. I looked her up and fell in love with her pictures. We loved working with Carrie!

    – Megan and Parker |
  • When we were selecting a wedding photographer, the quality of past wedding pictures and communication with the photographer were the most important qualities. Carrie, the owner of Carrie Wildes Photography, was warm and passionate about covering our wedding. Her pictures were beautiful with much thought put into every shot!

    – Melissa and Daniel |
  • I looked at several different options. I picked Carrie Wildes Photography not just for her beautiful work, but also her reviews were great, and I loved how she connected with me from the start. She texted me and proactively sent video examples of her work, and I knew she’d be fun and easy to work with versus some of the emails and processes of other options. Also, her packages and the fact that the cost goes toward gallery credit is amazing. We happened to see wedding pictures on her site of someone I knew from the Junior League of Tampa. When I reached out, she had glowing feedback and said she still uses Carrie and her team for family pictures. I loved the idea of someone we could have an ongoing and special relationship with. We had a blast doing our engagement session and sincerely loved having her there! It felt just as if she was a guest, and with a much smaller wedding than planned you really notice everyone there, and Carrie brought a great presence.

    – Nadine and Dave |
  • We looked for a professional wedding photographer who had experience taking photos at our wedding venue.

    We chose Carrie Wildes Photography because they were a preferred vendor of The Tampa Club, and after meeting with Carrie we knew we had to book them! We were impressed with the responsive communication, Carrie’s personal approach, and the great reviews. She showed us examples of weddings they shot previously at The Tampa Club, which was so helpful. Carrie and Miriam were amazing to work with throughout the entire process.

    – Alexa and Nick |
  • I looked through lots of photos and wanted ones that looked real and not over-edited. Also, our venue has more theatrical lighting, so I made sure to ask if photographers had shot there before.

    I chose Carrie Wildes Photography after our first conversation. Carrie has worked with the owners of NOVA for over 10 years, so she was very familiar. She was very sweet, and I just felt a connection with her! She had a ton of experience with our venue, which made me feel confident. Carrie was amazing because the cost of her packages goes towards artwork that we now how hanging in our home, which was incredible!

    – Carissa and Anthony |
  • We wanted someone creative with a fun, easy-going personality that we could be comfortable with and who would capture intimate personal moments.

    When we interviewed Carrie Wildes Photography, we knew right away she was the photographer we wanted. Carrie and her assistant Linda made us feel comfortable and kept us smiling, and our pictures both on the beach and at the hotel were beautiful!

    – Christina and EJ |
  • Our photographer, Carrie, of Carrie Wildes Photography, is a dear family friend and a wonderful photographer. Through her many contacts in the Tampa wedding industry, she connected us with a number of excellent vendors.

    – Lauren and Ralphie |
  • I wanted a photographer who could capture all the beauty in our wedding with solid reviews online and clean, but colorful pictures. I looked at maybe five other photographers and their galleries and reviews. Carrie Wildes Photography looked super talented from her gallery and reviews online, and Melissa from Isla Del Sol spoke highly of her as well! Carrie’s gallery was the type of photos I liked, and she also had amazing reviews. I called her on the phone to get a feel for her, and I loved her instantly! I wanted someone who made me feel welcomed, answered any questions, and seemed easy to work with. I thought she was amazing.

    Our personalities definitely show in our photos with Carrie. We both love to laugh and have fun and do not take life too seriously at all. We chose to have our pictures together on a sailboat, just us two and I think that was the main thing we did that really spoke to both of us and our personalities. It was a new adventure and because it was just us and Carrie; it was a good reminder that this wedding day is about us and to still make time for one another! I told Carrie when I met up with her the other day it made me sad that I don’t get to see her as much anymore!

    – Amy and Taylor |
  • Honestly, every wedding photographer takes pretty great photographs but the advice I received from a friend was to make sure you mesh well with your photographer as you have to spend your whole day with them and when we met Carrie we knew she was the one! (and her photographs were great too).

    We actually found Carrie through a referral from Andi Diamond. Andi Diamond photographed one of our friend’s weddings and I thought her photographs were amazing but she was already booked the day of my wedding so she recommended Carrie! Carrie was amazing and we’re so happy we ended up with her as our photographer.

    – Michelle and Jack |
  • The most important thing I looked for in a wedding photographer was someone who would work well with both Carl and I the day of the wedding and make taking pictures fun.

    When I met with Carrie of Carrie Wildes Photography she was so kind and easy-going! I knew we would work well together come the day of the wedding. She was calm and organized and didn’t push us to do anything we weren’t comfortable doing. Our pictures looked natural and timeless. I would highly recommend her to any bride!

    – Brittany and Carl |
  • I didn’t have to look for much. I worked alongside Carrie Wildes Photography for several years as a photographer myself. I know Carrie’s style, and it has always been a good fit for what Chris and I were looking for. She’s fun and sociable and my family and friends also loved her!

    I was absolutely honored to have Carrie shoot my wedding. Her service was beyond reproach and the photographs came out perfect.

    – Haley and Chris |
  • The most important elements of my wedding were my photographer and videographer because they capture the moments that last a lifetime! I was looking for an immediate connection with our personalities and also someone who would capture my special moments with an eye for all the details. I believe it’s so important to feel comfortable and at ease with your photographer because you spend so much time with them throughout the whole wedding process!

    When it came time to pick my photographer there was only one choice, Carrie Wildes Photography. Alongside saying yes to Benny on our cruise, it was the second easiest yes I said! From our very first meeting, I knew in my heart Carrie was the one. She had the immediate understanding of what I wanted captured, and she delivered that and so much more. She is also one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met, and it was an absolute joy to work with her!

    – Jessica and Benny |