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Reviews from Marry Me Tampa Bay Couples

Marry Me Tampa Bay curates the below reviews from real couples whom we’ve personally interviewed. As Tampa Bay’s most trusted wedding planning resource, these reviews are 100% accurate and aren’t created by fake accounts.

  • When searching for a wedding DJ, we looked for someone first with significant experience. Second, with the voice to command a crowd, without the ego to monopolize the microphone, and third, who could read our crowd and keep them on the dance floor all night long. We also liked the option to integrate live musicians with the DJ, and it was a bonus if they offered additional features such as lighting and cold sparks.

    Graingertainment made the best first impression on us in our online research, as they have an awesome digital presence and reputation in the area. Before booking, Chris kindly agreed to have a phone call with us so we could get a sense of his voice and personality. After just a minute of chatting, we were confident he was the right guy for the job.

    When it came to the big day, Chris exceeded our expectations. His music choices were spot-on, effortlessly incorporating our own recommendations. He not only had my grandma tearing up the dance floor all night but also received rave reviews from our music-savvy parents. The saxophone player and drummer were the perfect addition, bringing a touch of New Orleans to our celebration. Together with Chris, they truly brought the party to life and made our wedding day absolutely unforgettable.

    – Katie and Sam |
  • Someone who would play our music and keep the party going, and DJ Gary of Graingertainment did just that!

    – Alyssa and Mike |
  • Our reception/dance party was the most important and thought-about aspect of our day. I even switched into a fun sparkly fringe dress to let everyone know to get their dancing shoes ready! We knew DJ Dylan from Graingertainment from the past and always knew that we wanted him to be a part of our day. We felt comfortable with him and knew he understood our vision! We wanted someone who was lively and able to get everyone on the dance floor. DJ Dylan was knowledgeable of today’s top hits as well as throwbacks. These song selections ensured that individuals of all ages would enjoy the evening! Not only did our DJ get everyone on the dance floor, but he kept them dancing all night long!

    – Jessica and Ryne |
  • The reception was so so so us. We had amazing and hilarious entrances from our groom and bridal party. There were people completely lined up down the pier and on the incline at the pier, watching us dance and have a good time. At one point, Sam put me on his shoulders, and everyone was just dancing and laughing, and I could see everything from being so high up!

    I wanted someone who respected our vision and knew how to keep the people going. DJ Gary was witty, funny, let me have the mic whenever I wanted, and just overall killed it. Graingertainment was amazing!

    – Bella and Sam |
  • A DJ was one of the most important vendors for us because we wanted a party to remember. We chose Graingertainment because of their awesome reviews and because we felt like they knew how to throw a good party and listen to our vision. Graingertainment really made the night memorable as Austin and I never left the dance floor the entire night.

    – Emily and Austin |
  • “One thing we were sure of, we wanted our wedding to be a really fun party. The music, food, and drink were very important to us. We wanted everyone to have a blast, since we love to dance and have a good time. We chose Graingertainment due to the great reviews online, and after meeting with Chris, we felt confident that he would do a great job to keep the tempo up, and he did not disappoint. My 92-year-old grandmother even got up for a dance!”

    – Caroline and Matt |
  • “The biggest thing we looked for was a DJ who liked to have fun, was truly professional and who realized that we just really wanted a celebration without having the spotlight solely on the bride. We had such a variety of ages, ethnicities, and cultures, so it was imperative that everyone found something they liked and were comfortable. I picked Graingertainment after many high and raving recommendations and reviews. They seemed like the perfect fit, especially after being able to speak to the DJ prior to our wedding day. They did an amazing job, and we would hire them again for any special occasion that called for a live DJ!”

    – Jenny and Grayson |
  • “Chris was a fantastic DJ, professional and honest! We let him have a lot of freedom with most of the song selection, and he came through with great dinner music, as well as a party playlist. Everyone was happy with him, from the dancing crowd to the couples who just wanted to have a conversation. He brought the party as promised! It was the best day ever!”

    – Megan and Matthew |
  • “We were looking for a company that could provide a wide variety of services and still produce a great production. We originally heard of Graingertainment through Marry Me Tampa Bay, and they did not disappoint! They really listened to what we wanted for our reception, and their service was exceptional. They kept the party going all night!”

    – Tiffany and George |
  • “We read a lot of reviews for DJs before booking one. Graingertainment was really great. The DJ played all different kinds of music so there was a little something for everyone. Everyone loved him and complemented what a great selection there was!”

    – Alyssa and Tim |
  • “I stumbled upon Graingertainment while browsing online, and they had five stars across the board. From the ceremony to the reception, Our DJ, Anthony was amazing! Tyler and I definitely busted out some of our best moves as we walked down the aisle after being pronounced Mr. and Mrs. We love to dance! The night was extra special and all of our guests had so much fun!”

    – Katie and Tyler |
  • “Graingertainment gave us an amazing deal that fit within our budget, and Chris’ personality meshed very well with ours. Chris had literally everyone on their feet from start to end. A few people have reached out asking who our DJ was so they could look into booking him. Overall fantastic!”

    – Brittany and Brian |
  • “I hired Chris with Graingertainment after a phone interview where he told me, that ‘I was the boss,’ and he wanted our day to be everything we wanted and more. He did a great job of seamlessly combining the many genres of music we like together. Months after the wedding, people still tell us how fun the DJ was! Another huge benefit of Graingertainment was the photo booth rental, which was a necessity for us! We truly couldn’t have asked for a better DJ, Chris did an amazing job!”

    – Elizabeth and Shawn |
  • “We were really looking for someone who could read a crowd and keep the dance floor alive. After reading through all of the reviews on Graingertainment, we knew they were our number one choice. We loved their easy-to-use online portal to request songs, make a playlist, and fill out a questionnaire. Dylan, our DJ, was amazing. He kept our reception events on time and kept everyone on the dance floor. It was as if he had looked over our Spotify playlists and created our reception music from that. He knew exactly what we liked and kept everyone happy!”

    – Kendall and Adam |
  • For the DJ, we wanted someone who knew how to keep people on the dance floor. Chris from Graingertainment was the DJ for my best friend’s wedding, so I knew he was the right fit for us! I loved their service and ease of communication, and we also used their photo booth.

    – Jaime and Kyle |
  • 53Modern-Spring-Floral-Wedding-Inspiration

    Graingertainment was a vendor my sister used; I did look for other DJs just to keep an open mind, but I thought they had the best reviews, and I liked how I could pick my DJ! Dylan came into the reception area before the ceremony and played our first dance song so we could practice, and it was awesome! He did an awesome job! I provided him a list of artists that we like, and he delivered an amazing night!

    – Zoe and Matthew |
  • We wanted a great party.

    Graingertainment came highly recommended by our event planner and photographers. He knew how to get the crowd dancing. He set the mood and kept everyone on the dance floor.

    – Brittani and Josh |
  • One thing that drew us to Graingertainment was their being from Lakeland, where Melvin is from. We felt they had great reviews and a variety of DJs and services that would be able to handle a larger wedding.

    – Kaci and Melvin |
  • We incorporated our personalities through music! We love to dance, and our personalities shined through the music we selected from the pre-ceremony all the way to the post-dinner dance floor playlist.

    We wanted someone who was professional and who would be able to get everyone on the dance floor! DJ Dylan from Graingertainment was awesome!

    – Christa and Mike |
  • We are both fun and easygoing, so that’s what we wanted the whole day to embody. We chose music based on loving such a variety of music and wanting classic wedding songs, songs that make you sing and dance, and songs that make you want to dance with somebody!

    Mike and I had gone to a wedding in Fort Lauderdale and experienced a hybrid setup of some band pieces and a DJ, and we loved it. So when I was searching for a band or DJ, Graingertainment was recommended by my planner and could do exactly what we wanted. I immediately loved speaking with Dylan and knew he could be fun and upbeat and also make the flow of the day happen. He met all of my expectations and beyond with how he navigated the reception and provided the most fun dance floor. Our dance floor was unforgettable. It was just so much fun dancing the night away with all of my favorite people.

    – Katherine and Mike |
  • We were looking for someone with great experience who would get all the key moments just right and be able to read the feel of the night and switch up the music to keep the party going. WOW, did Graingertainment ever deliver!

    – Sue and Chad |
  • We both love to dance and eat, and we just wanted everyone to come together and have a good time, especially after being apart for so long during the pandemic. We’re in our late 30s, so we wanted late ’90s and early 2000s pop and hip hop.

    Graingertainment was super responsive to questions. We spoke with Dylan on the phone before the ceremony, and he guided us step by step through the program and all the song choices we needed to make. He encouraged us to stick to our guns about our choices instead of trying to please others. Since our planner had worked with Dylan before, she was able to relay logistical questions, so we didn’t have to worry about the technical side of getting audio in the ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception spaces.

    – Alex and Julian |
  • I saw a post from Graingertainment on Instagram of one of their DJ’s spinning with a sax player and immediately knew it was the company we had to go with!

    While we didn’t end up selecting a sax player to accompany our DJ, they made sure our DJ was the perfect fit for what we were looking for!

    DJ Eric was awesome and gave all the Vegas music vibes we asked for with custom mixes. He kept the party going, even when the bridal party came back in after our sparkler exit! We also rented uplighting from them, which set the right mood for the night.

    – Sara and Sean |