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Tampa Bay Wedding Photographer and Videographer | Priceless Studio Design

Priceless Studio Design

What We Love About Priceless Studio Design




What We Offer

Photo Booth, Photography, and Videography

We Love Weddings Because…

I enjoy seeing couples marvel over their love story (videos).

Our Wedding Style

Cinematic with amazing storytelling from start to finish.

Our Personality

Very laid back and we help calm the couples down when they are nervous

What Inspired Us to Start Our Business

This is what we do. This is what we love. Our main goal is to help you ENJOY your wedding day and being stress free. We have been there, we know what can, and will go wrong. But when you hire us, you get not only someone to shoot your wedding, you get someone to help you make sure the timeline is right and works well with the day of coordinator. To make sure you aren’t doing your ceremony at the wrong time, or not allowing enough time for sunset photos or video. We work with you before the big day to help you know that you can truly let go and ENJOY the wedding day. After all, isn’t the reason we are all doing this because you are wanting to marry the person of your dreams? We want you to be able to focus on your future spouse, not whether or not the cake is getting photographed or filmed.

What Makes Our Business Stand Out

We pay attention to the details, and we don’t simply put clips together, we really enjoy telling a story of your wedding day.

Associations & Awards

2019-2022 Wedding Wire Award

Services & Pricing

Photo Booth, Photography, and Videography

Average prices for our packages are $2,100

Meet Bonnet

I enjoy family time with my kids when I’m not doing business. My passion is teaching I have a heart to educate and learning is sort of a hobby for me. Once you get to know me you’ll see that teaching is what I like to do. Apart from spending time with family, I also enjoy spending time watching games and hanging out with friends.

One thing most couples would be surprised to know is:

I am ok with tenders/fries for a vendor meal. I’m not a picky eater.

Non-wedding Passions:

I love sports, I’m a big basketball fan.


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Priceless Studio Design