Bloom Shakalaka

Hey there, you’re tying the knot! At Bloom Shakalaka, we live by a simple rule: flowers should be beautiful, not complicated.

With well over 30 years of combined floral experience, we’re not just experts; we’re artists who continually learn and grow. Our commitment to joy and continued training in our craft is what sets us apart and ensures you’re in the best hands.
Our love is what fuels our mission to spread joy. We believe in the magical power of flowers to brighten lives and create memorable moments.

What We Offer:

Bloom offers two distinctive services tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clients:

  1. A La Carte: Ideal for those who value quality blooms, efficiency, and budget-conscious choices. The A La Carte option provides a curated set menu, allowing clients to select specific floral pieces that align with their preferences and budget. This option offers flexibility within a predefined framework, ensuring a personalized touch through the choice of colors and elements. It’s perfect for individuals who desire a streamlined yet meaningful floral experience.
  2. Full-Service: Geared towards clients seeking extensive customization, hands-on involvement, and a comprehensive floral journey. The Full-Service option is designed for those who want a highly personalized and unique event, where Bloom Shakalaka takes charge of all floral aspects from inception to completion. This service caters to individuals looking for an immersive and tailored approach, ensuring that every floral detail reflects the distinct vision of the event.

In essence, Bloom’s A La Carte option focuses on individualized selections within a set menu, offering efficiency and affordability. While, our Full-Service option provides a comprehensive, highly personalized approach for clients who seek extensive customization and a uniquely crafted floral experience from start to finish.

What Inspired Us to Start Our Business is:

We believe that behind every bloom stems a reason for encouragement and transformation.

We strive to make every occasion memorable and every interaction positively unforgettable. We make it easy. Our streamlined customer service, thoughtful touches, and curated experiences take the guesswork out of celebrating.

We love creating unique and personalized floral expressions that capture your story, the moment, and the feeling behind every occasion.

Our Personality Is:

Bloom’s personality is vibrant, embodying the essence of celebration and positivity. Our foundation is built on bright and upbeat communication, we love keeping it easy-breezy, just like chatting with a best pal. We’re light-hearted and approachable and really, at the end of the day, our number one goal is to make someone smile.

When our clients, often brides-to-be, come to us with their grandest visions, we love to make their flower dreams come true. Can we wrap flowers all the way up a tree? Yep. Can we incorporate strawberries into the table arrangements? You bet. Can we make a flower chandelier and a 12ft centerpiece? Challenge accepted. We love to WOW your wedding guests.

We Love Being a Part of the Wedding Industry Because:

Weddings are the ultimate expression of our passion and expertise in creating joyful moments through the artistry of flowers.

Our journey began with Ashton Events in 2010, where a fondness for events and client relationships transformed into a deep connection with the creative process.

Weddings perfectly align with our mission to spread joy through every bloom, offering a unique blend of romance and celebration. We believe in the transformative power of flowers to enhance the atmosphere, create lasting memories, and contribute to the enchantment of a wedding day. Our love for weddings is encapsulated in our tagline:

P A S S I O N A T E L Y  C R E A T I N G  J O Y F U L  M O M E N T S.

In essence, we adore weddings for embodying love, joy, and the opportunity to weave our floral artistry into the beautiful tapestry of couples’ special moments.

What Makes Our Business Stand Out From Other Vendors Is:

Bloom isn’t just any floral service; it’s the collective wisdom of a team that intimately comprehends the ins and outs of event days.

We recognize that logistics are the silent backbone of our creations, and are as critical as the blooms themselves. When you choose Bloom, you’re entrusting us to guide your design choices with the same attention and care you’d prioritize.

Whether you’re sending us a full design breakdown, or you’re wanting us to weigh in on all things floral, our process is streamlined, intentional, and innovative.

Our Pricing:

  1. A La Carte Pricing:
    • Clients opting for the A La Carte service can choose specific floral pieces from a pre-defined set menu.
    • Each floral item on the menu is priced individually, providing transparency and flexibility for clients to tailor their selections according to their preferences and budget.
    • This pricing model is ideal for those who desire quality blooms, a straightforward selection process, and want to maintain cost efficiency.
  2. Full-Service Pricing:
    • The Full-Service option is geared towards clients seeking a more extensive and personalized floral experience.
    • Pricing for Full-Service is tailored to cover the comprehensive range of floral services provided, including customization, hands-on involvement, and Bloom Shakalaka’s expertise in managing all aspects of the floral design from start to finish.
    • This model is perfect for clients looking for a highly personalized, unique event with a holistic floral approach.

Bloom is committed to transparency and ensuring that clients have a clear understanding of the costs associated with their chosen service. Whether opting for the A La Carte selections or the all-encompassing Full-Service experience, our pricing structure is crafted to align with the diverse needs and preferences of our valued clients.