Reviews from Marry Me Tampa Bay Couples

Marry Me Tampa Bay curates the below reviews from real couples whom we’ve personally interviewed. As Tampa Bay’s most trusted wedding planning resource, these reviews are 100% accurate and aren’t created by fake accounts.

  • We wanted someone who asked us questions that we didn’t even know to ask, nor would we have even thought of, and who also answered the questions that we didn’t even have and someone who was able to stretch our budget as far as it could go.

    We loved Tammy’s interpersonal skills; that’s what caught our attention immediately. Throughout getting to know her, we found out how knowledgeable she was and how much experience she had. We did more research before signing with Special Moments Event Planning and found that her reviews were glowing, and they did not lie.

    – Conley and Jackson |
  • We were looking for someone who, above all, was trustworthy. We preferred to work with someone who we were familiar with, and for us, it was Tammy Waterman at Special Moments. We hired Special Moments Event Planning because my brother and cousin used them as their planners. When we saw how seamless their weddings went, and after meeting and speaking with Tammy at their weddings, we just knew we had to go with their company.

    We worked the most with Tammy, Melissa, and Jen. Each and every one of them was an absolute gem and took every single worry we had and alleviated them. They were on top of everything at all times, answering phone calls, text messages, and emails in a very timely manner. Fast forward to the wedding day, we did not have to worry about a single thing. Tammy and her crew treated us like a king and queen! They ensured that it was an absolutely perfect day.

    – Lexi and Anthony |
  • We wanted a wedding planner who understood our style and who was willing to take the time to get to know us personally. We wanted someone who had many years of experience and knew the ins and outs of the wedding industry in the Tampa Bay area. We knew we would need someone who could handle a bride who wanted to handle everything on her own but knew that she could not.

    We were very anxious about planning a wedding in an area we did not live in. We did not know where to start in terms of selecting the right vendors. We found our wedding planner, Special Moments Event Planning, on Marry Me Tampa Bay, and after that, the rest was a piece of cake. Tammy Waterman was exactly who we were looking for. She not only had all the experience in the area, but she also had the time to sit with us one-on-one and understand who we were and what we wanted. Once Tammy took over, she was able to provide us with her favorite vendors in the area that she has great relationships with, which made the process of selecting and planning that much easier! She understood I was a former event planner who wanted to control whatever I could and knew when and where to step in and assist. She was so patient with us as we navigated through one of the biggest challenges of our lives of having to relocate after Hurricane Ian.

    – Rebecca and Brandon |
  • Marc hired our wedding planner. He realized what a huge undertaking planning a wedding is, and he did not want me to get overwhelmed and not enjoy the wedding planning process. We were looking for someone who could help us finalize all of the many details, as well as help us find the rest of our vendors. We could not have had the wedding we did, without the help of Special Moments. Initially we hired them for the plethora of décor they have in their warehouse, but we quickly realized what other great services they provided. The owner, Tammy, was very helpful with getting the last, and very important vendors. We had a vision of what we wanted our wedding to look like and run like, and they far exceeded our greatest expectations. Special Moments did everything: the setup/take down, decorations, signs, draping and of course pre-wedding day and “day of” coordination with all of our vendors. Tammy and her staff are experts at what they do, and if left in their hands, your wedding day be smooth sailing.

    – Michelle and Marc |
  • “Tammy [of Special Moments Event Planning] was referred to me by a co-worker; the service I received was top notch. Tammy is the best in the business and made our wedding day and all the events beforehand run smoothly. I couldn’t imagine not having her by my side every step of the way. She provided so much insight and guidance into the world of weddings that I truly feel we could not have managed without her.”

    – Amanda and Christopher |
  • “We wanted to enjoy the planning process and to be sure that our family and friends wouldn’t be burdened with undue stress. We wanted a wedding planner with the experience to facilitate a stress-free event, but also who was creative and could take our vision to the next level. Tammy of Special Moments went above and beyond what we expected and brought her wealth of knowledge, which saved us time, effort and stress while simultaneously adding unique touches that made our event feel special.”

    – Stephanie and Nathan |
  • “We looked for someone with solid experience in planning weddings and who also had plenty of knowledge of the area and local vendors. Tammy of Special Moments and her team had just that, many years of solid experience with planning weddings and a thorough knowledge of local vendors. She already had a lot of great insight to our venue and knew where to go for quality vendors, instead of me having to do tons of online searching. Even the day of the wedding, I wasn’t worried because I knew I was in good hands with Tammy and her team!”

    – Sarah and Shelby |
  • “We hired Tammy [owner of Special Moments Event Planning] because she came highly recommended, and we had personally attended two weddings she planned prior to our own. We found her recommendations to be spot on.”

    – Christine and Chris |
  • “I wanted a planner who would help shape my vision. It was very hard for me to imagine what I wanted because it was so different. I needed someone to bring it to life, and that is exactly what Special Moments did. They were always reassuring and determined to make my day special. Their service was impeccable, and I would recommend them to everyone.”

    – Jackie and Zack |
  • “We are a couple who did not have the time to do some of the research we would have liked to for vendors and pricing. Special Moments Event Planning helped guide us to the right vendors to meet our needs. Tammy has a vendor connection to meet every need and they are all the best of the best. She was able to keep us on track every step of the way. We were happy and stress free throughout the entire planning process!”

    – Katelyn and Michael |
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    “We needed someone who could manage the event from invitations to menu choices, seating arrangements and who had the contacts within the Tampa Bay area that could help us make our event memorable. Tammy of Special Moments Event Planning consistently listened to our vision and made the vision a reality plus more! Her eye for detail and consistent communication were helpful especially during those last few weeks. The weekend of the wedding her team printed the day’s events so the bridal party and groomsmen knew exactly where to be and when.”

    – Vanessa and Ivan |
  • “I had friends who had worked with Tammy [of Special Moments Event Planning] and highly recommended her. After, meeting Tammy, I knew that she would make sure that my wedding would be exactly what I envisioned. Their service was great. During the planning process, they were always available to help and provided me with all the resources I needed. I didn’t have to worry about a single thing on my wedding day; it ran flawlessly.”

    – Rachel and Cesar |
  • “We knew we didn’t want a typical ballroom feel so the fact that The Vault offered more of an open space that let us incorporate our own personal touches was perfect. It was important for us to find something that was classic with a bit of history and given the background of The Vault, we were very happy with our choice. Everyone we met was wonderful to work with. The team was always accessible and willing to meet as many times as we needed to figure out all the details.”

    – Katie and Kjel |
  • “I fell in love with one of Special Moments Event Planning‘s previous weddings, which was featured on Marry Me Tampa Bay, and I said to myself, “I have to meet with them.” I loved that they work as a team because each one of their “dream makers” adds something unique to the planning process. When we met with Tammy for the first time, it was clear that she had prior experience with our ceremony and reception venues and was quick to share suggestions to take our event to the next level. On our wedding day, the “dream makers” truly executed our vision to perfection and allowed Erik and I to spend quality time with our loved ones and enjoy each other.”

    – Stefany and Eric |
  • “Tammy of Special Moments Event Planning was literately the best! She not only made everything happen, but was always on top of things. If we had something not go right or not look the way we envisioned, she already had second options etc.”

    – Christina and Kiel |
  • “We had absolutely no idea where to even begin planning a wedding. All we knew was with two large families, we’d be having a larger wedding. and we needed lots of help from start to finish. We were looking for someone who could offer full-service planning, including vendor suggestions, décor selection and day-of services. We hired Special Moments Event Planning because when we first met with Tammy, she made us feel completely at ease and taken care of. She understood our vision and consistently went above and beyond to make sure it came to fruition. She was incredibly knowledgeable about every single aspect of the wedding experience, and her staff was compassionate and responsive. Our wedding day went as off without a single hitch thanks to Tammy and her wonderful team. They were the ultimate wedding professionals!”

    – Bonnie and Marcus |
  • “Since it was a destination wedding, we were struggling with how we were going to acquire all the materials needed for the decorations, have the time to assemble them, and what we should do with the decorations afterward. Luckily we hired the right planner who provided us with decoration items, worked with us to choose our decoration set up, and also resolved our last-minute issues. Tammy at Special Moments was a godsend. She is so patient and so thoughtful. From the first phone call we had, she was on board and helped us brainstorm how to decorate our ceremony and reception, gave us suggestions on vendors we still needed to hire, and was crucial in maintaining our sanity. The day of the wedding, she had thought ahead on every detail so everything turned out flawless. She was so instrumental in making our special day just perfect.”

    – Gina and Danny |
  • Special Moments Event Planning made our lives so much easier throughout this whole process. When we met with the owner Tammy, she was clear and effective on what she could help us with and where we could save money and time. She knew all the vendors and locations we wouldn’t know being from out of the country. It was the best choice we could’ve made and worked out so well for us! Special Moments surpassed our expectations in every way.”

    – Shannon and Justin |
  • “We found Special Moments Event Planning and did not have any hesitation when we spoke to Tammy! We needed help planning our wedding from afar and loved everything they had to offer. We wanted our wedding to be a great time for everyone. We focused on the things we love: our family and friends, food, and music.”

    – Grace and Tom |
  • “Tammy from Special Moments really took her time to get to know us and what we were looking for before we hired her. We did our research and really felt as though no one in the Tampa area had the experience and ideas like she did. When we gave her our vision, Tammy always had suggestions for things we could incorporate, and I really appreciated that when working with her and her team. During the process, I felt like I was able to total relax because we knew they had it all under control.”

    – Ashley and Nick |
  • “We wanted a wedding planner who had strong relationships with other local vendors, and whom we could trust to make our wedding run smoothly. Tammy did an excellent job with my sister’s wedding, so we knew she was right for us. She provided great recommendations for vendors, taking into account our preferences and price range. Tammy and her team handled all of the day-of details and logistics so that all we had to do was enjoy our wedding.”

    – Alicia and William |
  • “My family helped me tremendously when it came to planning the wedding. However, I knew I wanted to hire a day-of planner to make sure everything ran smoothly. Special Moments were amazing! They were organized, helpful, and provided great service!”

    – Silvana and Justin |
  • “We were looking for someone who was receptive to the idea that I was a very hands-on bride and knew exactly what I wanted. I just need a push in the right direction. We loved Tammy’s can-do attitude and felt like she truly understood what we had envisioned our special day to look like. Tammy was incredibly organized and her attention to detail helped make our celebration something we’ll never forget.”

    – Khrystle and Joseph |
  • Tammy, the owner of Special Moments Event Planning, helped with Logan’s sister’s wedding, so we knew how great she had done and were looking forward to using her for our wedding! Tammy and her team are simply the best! She made our wedding planning process a breeze! Most of our vendors came through her, and she made the whole wedding planning process stress-free!

    Her experience and network of people in the industry made our planning process far simpler than we ever thought. She personally knows everyone and has a well-known reputation for hosting and planning unbelievable events. Tammy and Special Moments Events really exceeded our expectations. We really can’t thank them enough!

    – Jessica and Logan |