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Safety Harbor Wedding Ceremony Venue | Harborside Chapel Tampa Bay Wedding Ceremony Venue

Harborside Chapel

What We Love About Harborside Chapel

Safety Harbor– The Harborside Chapel, in Safety Harbor Florida, is a new, elegant extension of the ministry of Harborside Christian Church. It offers a classic, romantic setting that is perfect for your special ceremony. Dressed with classic white pews, a rich but neutral color pallet, sparkling chandeliers, beautiful flooring, and large high windows that showcase the natural Florida landscape, the Harborside Chapel is one of the finest, most elegant places to host your special day. Brides and bridesmaids can spend their day getting ready and being pampered in our glamorous Bridal Suite, while the sophisticated Grooms Quarters serves as the perfect location for the men to gather. Newlyweds can exit the venue down a spectacular sidewalk lined with friends and family while bells ring in celebration of your future together.

What Couples Love About Our Venue

  1. Natural Sunlight/Big Windows
  2. Neutral Color Palette
  3. Bridal Suite

Pricing & Packages

The Ceremony

Beloved Wedding: 2.5 hour Chapel Reservation. The perfect option for the couple who plans to have their hair and makeup done off-site and limited photography at Harborside Chapel. Also, a great option for vow renewals.

  • Saturday $1,400 | Friday & Sunday $1000
  • Monday-Thursday $800

I Do Wedding: 4 hour Chapel Reservation. The most popular option allows the bride and groom to enjoy the day. This option allows extra time to share tea, coffee, and light refreshments with your bridal party as you get dressed and ready in the glamorous bridal suite and sophisticated groom quarters, plus time for more photography inside the chapel.

  • Saturday $1,800 | Friday & Sunday $1,200
  • Monday-Thursday $1000

Celebrate Wedding: 8 hour Chapel Reservation. Take full advantage of each moment and remember it forever. This option allows enough extra time for memorable moments like enjoying a catered lunch with your bridal party, arranging to have hair, makeup, and nails done on location, having an onsite massage, capturing your entire day in photographs, and other personalized preferences.

  • Saturday $3,000 | Friday & Sunday $2,500
  • Monday-Thursday $2,200

All weddings include: Bridal Suite, Grooms Quarters, Wedding Coordinator, Sound Technician, 1 Hour Rehearsal, Marriage Mentoring Program, Personalized Event Service Tailored to Your Preferences. The Harborside Chapel team is thrilled that you are considering our chapel for your wedding ceremony. The Chapel has a seating capacity of 216 people. There is a separate minister fee of $250 for each package. Candles and other decor are permitted, but some restrictions apply. Please ask your wedding coordinator what decor is allowed in the Harborside Chapel. Harborside Chapel does not provide catering or additional boutique services.

The Reception

This location does not offer reception space.


2100 Marshall St, Safety Harbor, FL 34695, USA

Meet the Team


Liana Patrick is the Director of the Harborside Chapel. She joined the team in April 2022 and is loving every minute of it. Liana is originally from New York and has no regrets trading snowy streets for sandy beaches. With a background in Marriage and Family Therapy, Liana continues to utilize her education and skills to come alongside couples as they prepare for the start of their new journey. She advocates for the unity of husband and wife and is so glad to be a part of their special day. Apart from weddings, Liana is a firm believer that any day could be a great day as long as there is a slice of pizza to eat.

Liana Patrick | Harborside Headshot

Reviews from Marry Me Tampa Bay Couples

Marry Me Tampa Bay curates the below reviews from real couples whom we’ve personally interviewed. As Tampa Bay’s most trusted wedding planning resource, these reviews are 100% accurate and aren’t created by fake accounts.

  • We really wanted to get married in a little white church that fit our classic, romantic theme but also a place that shared our religious beliefs and values in which we could find community. We really lucked out with Harborside Chapel and loved getting to know the congregation, Pastor Matt, and the staff that made the day feel so incredibly special.

    – Calli and Brent |
  • We focused on places that had an elegant feel and did not require much effort to create an upscale ambiance. We considered the logistics as well as budget, location, and the services offered. We wanted both the ceremony and reception venues to have nice indoor spaces because Florida weather can be pretty unpredictable. It was really important that the venues offered some sort of coordinator as we planned this wedding ourselves.

    When we toured Harborside Chapel, we immediately fell in love with the venue. The natural lighting and just how effortlessly beautiful it was won us over. Harborside pretty much checked all of our boxes when it came to price and services offered. Our day-of coordinator was very helpful throughout the rehearsal and the days leading up to the wedding. We had extensive conversations to make sure that all aspects were considered. The venue was also flexible when we wanted to make small changes to make the flow of our wedding personal to us. Aside from that, we appreciated the values of Harborside. Our faith is important to us, and Harborside offered premarital counseling that was helpful and insightful. This was super convenient as we always planned to engage in premarital counseling.

    – Rickia and Trent |
  • We wanted something beautiful, and clean, and that reminded us of us. We chose Harborside Chapel because it’s the most beautiful ceremony venue I have ever seen. It’s so fresh, white, clean, bright, and airy. They over-deliver, from all the decor they have to even filming our wedding to be shared and for us to have for eternity. I absolutely loved it! We also had marriage counseling, too, which was also a huge bonus.

    – Na’iyma and Keith |
  • We used Marry Me Tampa Bay to help us put together a list of potential ceremony and reception venues and found Harborside Chapel. We wanted something elegant, with plenty of natural light; a place where my husband and I could stand out as we said our vows. My dad always wanted me to get married in a church growing up, but we didn’t want to do a traditional church wedding

    Harborside Chapel allowed us to get the feeling of that. We loved the natural light in the chapel, and everything was so bright that it made our colors pop. The aesthetic of the chapel was beautiful. It was the only place we visited to see about hosting the ceremony. From the moment we walked in, we knew it was the place.

    We loved the service. They provided pre-marital mentors for us, who we absolutely loved! They made our day feel incredibly special.

    – Elyse and Stefan |
  • My husband and I wanted to keep things traditional and we knew we wanted to be married in a chapel, but we truly didn’t have many expectations besides finding something that felt special to us and was indoors due to the variability of Florida weather. It was kind of like buying a house, sometimes when you enter a building you just know it’s the right place.

    When we walked through the doors of Harborside Chapel we instantly knew this was the special place where we wanted our big day to happen. Harborside gave us that feeling we had been hoping for, not to mention the chapel is absolutely stunning with its natural lighting and elegant design.

    Not only is the chapel gorgeous, but the staff there are so kind and really care about their newlyweds. They truly want to see them succeed. My husband and I got paired with Krystal and Amos Pierre as our coordinator and pastor, respectively. Krystal went out of her way multiple times to make sure our day was perfect, and Amos had incredible words to speak on our big day. My husband and I are so glad we chose Harborside Chapel.

    – Priscilla and Josh |
  • We knew we wanted to get married in a church, so the Harborside Chapel was a perfect option. It was actually the only ceremony space we looked at! We wanted something clean, bright, and simple, and the chapel was exactly that.

    After touring Harborside Chapel, we were automatically sold. Since the church built the chapel specifically for weddings, it offered everything we were looking for. The building itself is beautiful, and it offers the perfect bride and groom suites for getting ready and photos. The natural light, simplicity, and somewhat beach vibe are definitely what drew us in!

    On top of the beautiful space, everyone we worked and coordinated with was awesome, including our marriage counseling mentors.

    – Paige and John |

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