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Boudoir Photographer: Luxe Light Images

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Boudoir Photographer: Luxe Light Images

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Our studio and hair/makeup bar are the perfect setting to sit back, sip some bubbly and have the best day ever. We want every client that steps through our doors to have the most amazing experience. From the first time you call/email to the day you pick up all your gorgeous products you’ll be treated like the goddess that you.

Our boudoir style is:
Our style is sultry, romantic and flirty. We focus on building confidence and empowering our clients to see themselves for how amazing they truly are! Every session is 100% unique to the client and we place a lot of emphasis on tailoring the experience to every woman that walks into the studio.

Why would someone do a beauty boudoir shoot?
Often sessions get booked as a gift for a significant other. More and more though it’s becoming popular to book a boudoir photo session to embrace your feminine side, elevate confidence and give yourself a beautiful reminder that you’re absolutely fabulous just as you are. Whether booking the session for them or for you, this is definitely an experience you’ll never forget.

What do I wear?
Come as you are girl! We have a client closet busting at the seams with tons of fabulous outfits and accessories! That combined with pro hair and makeup you’ll be owning the Luxe Light Studio like the amazing woman you are!

What is your best advice for someone wanting to do a boudoir shoot? What preparation do you recommend prior to the shoot?
I give all my clients the Luxe Light Boudoir Guide. In the guide you’ll find tons of info about your session, prepping, what to bring and how the whole process works. I also chat with them to plan a session that is 100% tailored to them! A few tips I have are to save makeup looks you love, inspiration photos and not to over-tan your skin!

Where do you shoot?
The Luxe Light Studio

What should I look for in a boudoir photographer?
Find a photographer that you feel really comfortable with. The more at ease you are the better your photos will be. Also, make sure you LOVE the editing style of the photographer you choose.

Our Pricing:
Sessions are $399 and include Pre-Session Consult, Styling, Full Access to the Luxe Client Closet, Professional Hair and Makeup and 1-2 Hour Photo Session.

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Boudoir Photographer: Luxe Light Images

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Boudoir Photographer: Luxe Light Images

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