Reviews from Marry Me Tampa Bay Couples

Marry Me Tampa Bay curates the below reviews from real couples whom we’ve personally interviewed. As Tampa Bay’s most trusted wedding planning resource, these reviews are 100% accurate and aren’t created by fake accounts.

  • We wanted a wedding planner who was extremely organized and took initiative to identify vendors independently of us. We are both pretty busy and we knew that we were going to need a lot of help in planning.

    Staci at UNIQUE Weddings & Events was an absolute superstar! Staci was absolutely incredible. She got to know us very well and was able to execute our vision perfectly. She really created a masterpiece with our wedding. We are so grateful to her for all of her help. She kept us up-to-date and on task. In particular, I struggled with feeling overwhelmed with all the decisions and tasks and Staci went out of her way to make me feel comfortable and confident throughout this process. We absolutely could not have done it without her. Staci truly is brilliant; the way she was able to create an environment that was both romantic and comfortable is incredible.

    – Rachael and Joseph |
  • We needed a planner who could listen to our ideas about the wedding and then present us with a bunch of options, so all we had to do was choose. We wanted to find a planner we both vibed with and who took care of all the communications and coordination so we could be fully present and also completely stress-free for the decision-making part of the process.

    UNIQUE Weddings + Events did a great job of putting together vendor lists for our ceremony and doing the initial communications to bring us vendor teams that would fit in with our plans. Staci’s great energy and her ability to create something out of the nothing we gave her was why we chose her and the UNIQUE team to plan our wedding.

    – Tiffiny and Jordyn |
  • We wanted our planner to be detailed and willing to push boundaries rather than just look at our dream board and book vendors.

    We chose UNIQUE Weddings + Events because they not only had experience with our venues, but their skill set is just unmatched. We wanted someone who could make nontraditional aspects still look traditional. The interactive design process made sure that no detail went unnoticed and gave us confidence in Staci and her team to bring our vision to life.

    – Shawn and Matt |
  • “I always go with my heart on things and instantly after my fiancé and I met with Staci of UNIQUE Weddings and Events, there was no need to go home and think about it. Everyone that I met through UNIQUE exceeded my expectations. Their services were very affordable and worth every penny spent, if not more. Staci was so helpful; she seemed more like a best friend then a wedding planner. Every moment of my wedding day went flawlessly, thanks to Staci and her team. Now that the wedding is over I miss talking to her almost daily.”

    – Cynthia and Lee |
  • “I didn’t really know what to look for in a wedding planner to be honest. I got lucky AF I think! Staci of [UNIQUE Weddings & Events] and her crew knocked each and every detail out of Wonderland! She and her staff were organized, professional, always on time and just generally had all their shit together. They operate like a well oiled machine tending to every last detail. Almost everything about our wedding was unique. Staci had surprised us with a floating rose cake topper. It hung from the ceiling and floated perfectly like a Dali painting above our cake. Truly a perfect finishing touch and delightful surprise. Staci killed it!”

    – Paige and Rick |
  • “I asked Staci of UNIQUE Weddings and Events to be our wedding planner because she was professional, detail-oriented and diligent. She helped us bring our vision to life and seamlessly handled every aspect of the wedding. When our wedding day came I was able to focus on enjoying my time with family and friends instead of worrying about the logistical details.”

    – Anna and John |
  • “We thought it was a priority to consult with someone who understood what we wanted and was flexible. Looking at Staci’s work I was very surprised with her uniqueness and her way of thinking outside the box. I came across a wedding at the Dali Museum that she did, and I was so surprised how unique and creative this wedding was. We were able to guide her with our ideas, but ultimately we left Staci to do what she does best. She not only delivered, but she blew us away with the entire wedding. We put so much trust into Staci of UNIQUE Weddings and Events, that we didn’t even want to see anything until the day of the wedding.”

    – Sarat and Colin |
  • “From the moment we sat down with Staci of UNIQUE Weddings + Events, I just knew she was right for us. She was basically already finishing my sentences and predicting what I wanted based on what we were talking about. I knew that I could trust her with our special day, and I am so incredibly lucky to have found her. Staci was absolutely perfect and made everything come to life. Every bride needs a wedding planner like Staci in their lives! I loved every aspect of our wedding. Everything came together so perfectly, and I have Staci to thank for that.”

    – Katie and Jason |
  • “I interviewed several wedding planners before I found Staci from UNIQUE Weddings + Events. Since we live in Seattle, I wanted to find someone who I could communicate with easily over the phone. I found Staci from Marry Me Tampa Bay, and then she found the rest of my vendors. I am in no way someone who is good with details, so I needed someone who could handle all the little things I knew I would forget. Staci is an amazing, talented individual who puts together amazing weddings! I loved all of her previous work, and she was so easy to talk to! She was such a champ and never complained. She did an amazing job, and I could not have done it without her!”

    – Madeline and Quentin |
  • I wanted someone who could take my thoughts and make them into reality. I could tell from Staci’s background and pictures from other weddings that UNIQUE Weddings & Events could do this. In our phone consultation, she asked really good questions and gave ideas that made sense from that. It only got better once we officially started the process

    I also liked that she had done a wedding at the Dali Museum before. Staci is an excellent designer. She kept us on track throughout the year of planning and kept everything flowing the month of and, most importantly, the day of. I couldn’t be happy with the services.

    – Dawn and Rick |
  • Since we didn’t need a lot of help finding our vendors, we were looking specifically for someone who could design the wedding, present creative ideas, be organized and detail-oriented, and was a good personality match for us. Staci with UNIQUE Weddings + Events was all of that and much more!

    From the first call, Staci matched our energy. She was fun, listened to exactly what we were looking for, and shared how she could deliver on it. She was straightforward and fast-paced. We loved that. Her service was impeccable!

    – Alexa and Dylan |
  • I wanted someone I felt understood me, understood how important my day was, and understood I didn’t want the basic white and green wedding that was trendy in 2020. I wanted colors, flowers. I wanted it to feel like a fairy tale forest.

    Staci from UNIQUE Weddings + Events and I chatted for over an hour for our first meeting. I hadn’t even hired her yet, and I felt like she was exactly like me. She understood the importance of timelines, dominance, taking control of situations, and girl power. Staci is bada** and a girl boss! THAT is what I wanted and needed.

    – Erin and Christopher |
  • It was important for us to find a planner who was organized and friendly, but also familiar with our venue specifically.

    UNIQUE Weddings + Events was listed on our venue’s preferred vendor list which is why we felt comfortable reaching out. Staci responded promptly to our initial inquiry, and we found immediately she was easy to talk to and was both thorough and knew our venue well.

    – Val and Bob |