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Isla Del Sol Yacht & Country Club Wedding Reviews

Intimate Waterfront St. Pete Elopement

“We wanted a place that was private. Privacy and intimacy were really important during our wedding for our vow renewal. After all, it’s all about you and the person you spend the rest of your life with! We wanted a secluded location but also on the beach.

Isla Del Sol Yacht and Country Club offered such a romantic and private setting, and it was easy to choose them!” -Shannon and Cammarn

White, Green, and Blue Tropical St. Pete Beach Wedding

“We were looking for a venue that was on the water, pet-friendly (a must-have), somewhat private and known for good food.”

“Melissa and the team at Isla Del Sol Yacht and Country Club were amazing with everything and so accommodating! We specifically choose them since they are right on the water with beautiful views of the bay, pet-friendly, and have an intimate/private feel especially since you will be the only wedding happening at the venue that day. The first time at Isla it was actually a cloudy rainy day (our wedding day ended up being cloudy and super windy but no rain), and I still loved the upscale look and feel on the inside. There are many options inside just in case it rained and couldn’t have the ceremony outside, which was nice since many other venues would put you in some forgotten about conference room for the ceremony if this were to happen.

Since many of our guests had to travel far for the wedding, we weren’t sure if we would have 60 or 120 guests. At Isla, their ballroom can actually be made into a smaller space if you don’t have that many guests and we liked that we had that as an option just in case.

I liked that outside there is a walkway to the gazebo where the ceremony takes place. So even though your guests will be seated on the sand, you don’t have to walk in high heels in the sand if you choose to wear them.” – Lisa and Kevin

Maroon, Ivory and Pink Waterfront St. Pete Beach Wedding

“When searching for wedding venues, we were looking for somewhere with an outdoor ceremony option, an indoor reception, and a magical spot near the water, but not an actual beach.

Isla Del Sol Yacht & Country Club was the perfect combination of everything we were looking for in a venue. It was such a stunning location that we knew that it was the place as soon as we saw it. All of our vendors were amazing and we were blown away by how fantastic Melissa was! She thought of every little detail and really was there to help guide us through all the decisions we had to make!” – Vanessa and Brad

Sunset Ispired Florida Beach Wedding

Isla Del Sol Yacht & Country Club was exactly what we were looking for. It offered a beautiful venue, private beach ceremony site overlooking the water, fantastic photo opportunities, great food, and a wonderful wedding coordinator. After falling in love with the property, our minds were made up after seeing other weddings from Isla Del Sol featured on Marry Me Tampa Bay. Seeing other ideas and different vendor choices further solidified our decision to choose Isla Del Sol.” – Madeline and Tim

Tropical Meets Classic St. Beach Wedding

Isla Del Sol was just what we were looking for. They are located right on the water, the venue was reserved for us all day and they even had a back-up ceremony location just in case of rain. Melissa was very knowledgeable and easy to work with throughout the experience. We loved how well the food was prepared, and we were definitely satisfied with our decision to choose our venue and all that it included.” – Breeze and Kyle

Romantic Burgundy Waterfront St. Petersburg Wedding

“I thought Isla Del Sol was wonderful on all accounts. Pictures were the most important thing, and our wedding venue delivered with their expansive grounds and variety of beach, golf, and water areas,” the bride shared. “I absolutely love the photo of Mike and me, hand and hand under the bridge along the water, and there would have been no other location to provide that option.” – Chelsea and Michael

White, Grey, and Blush Waterfront St. Pete Wedding

“We hired Isla Del Sol Yacht and Country Club because of their hospitable staff and location. From the moment we walked in, we were greeted with a warm welcome and never looked back. From the golf course, to the ballroom, to the outdoor ceremony location on the water, Isla had it all! Their service receives a 5-star rating in our book! Everyone involved was spectacular, and if we had the chance to do it all over again, we would certainly go back to Isla! They take you on a magical wedding experience. It was so cool that all areas were explored during our wedding, from the outdoor ceremony, bar cocktail hour, ballroom reception, to the outdoor sparkler exit. Isla made our wedding dreams come true!” – Carly and Matt

Waterfront Nautical Glam St. Pete Wedding

“We looked at a lot of venues. But when Karl and I went to see Isla, it was like, how did we not know about this?! It checked off everything on our list and then some: the beach, marina, golf course, ballroom, dockmaster suite (groom’s room), even the option of a sailboat send off. Plus, you pretty much have the place to yourself! They don’t host a ton of weddings in the same day, and once we saw it could fit our budget, it was another no brainer!” – Vanessa and Karl

Ivory, Champagne and Gold Waterfront Isla Del Sol Wedding

“We were pretty picky when it came to venues. Our guest list and head count significantly limited our options in terms of space. But more importantly, why have guests travel all the way to Florida from across the country to huddle them up in a ballroom without any sort of Florida feel?! Having grown up on the water, we really wanted to showcase the beauty of our hometown, while incorporating the groom’s favorite past time, golf! Isla Del Sol’s pristine golf amenities and breathtaking ballroom with stunning waterfront beach scenes and beautiful sunsets pretty much sold us, sight unseen!” – Brittany and Tyson

Pink and Peach Rustic, Glam St. Pete Wedding

“Shawn’s love for the water drew us to a waterfront location. He has a true passion for the ocean as has spent his life preserving and protecting our waterways, as well as the people who enjoy it. We selected a location that provided an amazing view of his life-long passion throughout the celebration of our lifelong commitment to each other. I wanted a private space for just my friends and family to enjoy. No tourists, no strangers, just the people that matter most to me in the whole world. That is what led us to Isla Del Sol Yacht & Country Club. It was a perfect private waterfront paradise. Also, the food is killer!” – Jess and Shawn

Just Married Wedding Portrait Bride and Groom Elopement | Florida Wedding Ceremony Isla Del Sol | Elope Tampa Bay

Intimate St. Pete Elopement | Isla Del Sol Yacht and Country Club

We wanted something on the beach without literally being on the beach if you know what I mean. We also needed somewhere that would photograph well and have lots of different settings for pictures since it would be a short and sweet day.

We chose Isla Del Sol because of the beautiful location and convenience of where we live now. It had a tiled walkway so I wouldn’t have to walk in the sand in heels as I didn’t want to go barefoot, and the gazebo with the palm trees made for stunning photos. Their service was absolutely amazing. Their wedding coordinator was so sweet and helped everything go smoothly the day of. There was an indoor area for my husband and me to wait in the air conditioning while our guests arrived and got seated. They also had an indoor backup area to do the ceremony in case of inclement weather, which took away the stress of worrying about the afternoon Florida thunderstorms.

-Whitney and Ryne

Bride and Groom Walking on Boat Dock Wedding Portrait | Tampa Bay Wedding Photographer Carrie Wildes Photography | Wedding Florist Iza’s Flowers | St. Pete Wedding Venue Isla Del Sol Yacht and Country Club

Dusty Blue and Red St. Pete Beachfront Wedding | Isla Del Sol Yacht & Country Club

I really wanted a ceremony on the beach, but it's hard to have a private beach ceremony. This was the first part of Isla Del Sol we loved. I also wanted some sort of indoor and outdoor option so that we could be inside for our reception but enjoy the outdoors for our ceremony and for pictures. Lastly, I wanted to work with people that seem easy and accommodating. you end up spending a lot of time with the people who are helping you with your wedding so it was super important that when I went on a tour for a wedding venue I felt welcomed and that people wanted to assist and help! Planning a wedding is confusing!

My friend had gotten married a year or two before me and when I saw her pictures I immediately fell in love!! I asked her where she got married and I found out it was Isla Del Sol. I went on a tour with my mom and she loved it too. I only went on ONE tour! I only went to Isla Del sol and I right away knew that is where I wanted my wedding. I specifically picked it because of their ceremony option to be on a private beach, their ballroom area is big and also so gorgeous when it's decorated up, and it seemed like we really get so much and it is a good value for everything you get to have a wedding there. When I found out we could go on a private sailboat after the ceremony that made me think I definitely NEED my wedding here!

-Amy and Taylor