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Your story runs deep, and love is never truly as simple as, “We met on Bumble and the rest is history!”  When you found your person, the stars aligned, your whole world was flipped upside down, you became a better person, and you finally found your soulmate in this vast universe. Capturing the depth of your love in a way that genuinely reflects your story and speaks to your soul, is our honest passion in life. We’d love to learn about yours and create something totally epic for you and your family to cherish for light years to come.


Our Wedding Style Is:

Genuine, Relaxed, Balanced, and Playful

We’re perhaps best known for how chill and relaxed we are, and nearly every review we get mentions how calming a presence we are. We’re not freaking out about the little things (or the big things, really). Being stressed on your wedding day is overrated, so why would you hire a team that makes you even more stressed?!

While we’re calm and relaxed on the wedding day, we work behind the scenes ahead of time to create a stress-free timeline that works for you. The day of, we don’t overly pose you, but we also make sure to get those “must-have” shots while having fun at the same time!

We’re big fans of capturing the day as it happened and not intruding on special moments that are CLEARLY happening. We can’t tell you how many times we watch other vendors interrupt first looks by talking and reposing the couple. It makes us want to scream and cry at the same time (but we don’t).

Our Personality Is:

Calm, collected, and goofy AF

We can be pretty silly and ridiculous around each other…it’s kind of disgusting sometimes. Like, we apologize in advance for any thrusting or butt grabs you witness on the dance floor. As silly as we are, we can also be big, emotional, mushy romantics with each other. More apologies in advance if you catch us crying at your wedding over something that made us feel ooey gooey inside.


We Love Being a Part of the Wedding Industry Because:

We get to work from home in our underwear with a kitty on our lap most days. 

No, but for real, working in this industry feels like being part of an ever-growing family. Between our freaking awesome couples, and all of our friendors (vendors that are friends), we love the connections and friendships that we’ve formed over the years. Some of our best friends were once our clients, and have been there for us at our highest highs and lowest lows. Working in our underwear at home is really just the cherry on top. 

What Makes Our Business Stand Out From Other Vendors Is:

We believe your wedding day is about YOU and not about our portfolio, and we aren’t afraid to be ourselves 100% around you and your family. 

What the F@#$ does that even mean? 

Your wedding isn’t just about a viral video or a *perfectly* posed Instagram photo. Your wedding day is about connection, shared memories, and having a damn good time with your friends. We pride ourselves on being able to read a room. If you’re OVER taking photos and just wanna join cocktail hour, then GO JOIN COCKTAIL HOUR. We’ll stand in the corner with a zoom lens capturing those candid laughs and hugs. But if you’re down to do something fun and creative with us, let’s F-ing do it!

Our Style Is:

  • Personalized
  • Candid
  • True-to-color
  • Genuine
  • Calm + Relaxed
  • Honest
  • Down-to-earth
  • Raw

Our Style is NOT:

  • Generic
  • Cookie-Cutter
  • Posed
  • Intrusive
  • Overbearing
  • Complicated
  • Overexposed
  • Overly Chatty

One Thing Most Couples Would Be Surprised to Know About Us Is:

Bonnie is the videographer and Jon is the photographer…gender stereotypes usually have those roles reversed, but we’re not here to follow the rules, we’re here to break them.

Our Pricing:

What is money called in outer space?

Star bucks!

Nobody likes talking about this part, so we thought a space pun might lighten the mood???

Our average Film + Photo package investment is $9,200 and includes a TON of goodies:

– 9 hours of coverage

  • A Cinematic Highlight Film
  • A Full Ceremony and Toast Edit
  • Raw Footage
  • A Photography Engagement Session
  • $200 credit towards an album purchase

and a whole lot more. 

Please reach out to us for a full info and investment guide.

At this time, we are not accepting videography-only bookings.


Bonnie and Jon Headshot | Mars and the Moon Films

Meet Bonnie + Jon


“Bonnie is everything I could ever ask out of a partner in this life. She is my rock when I am struggling, and exudes a resolve that keeps me going when I would normally throw in the towel. I have never felt so comfortable in my own skin as I do in her presence. As long as she is by my side I know that everything will be alright. She amazes me every day with her creativity and talents, her hard work, and of course those stunning eyes of hers! Her ability to tell me numerous times throughout the day how much she loves me, and to make each of those times feel more sincere than the last, is just one of the many reasons I can’t wait to call her my wife.” JON

 “Jon is the funniest person I’ve ever met, and he makes me laugh at the dumbest shit every single day. His sense of humor is light-hearted, goofy, and absurd. Nearly every morning, I wake up to a new jingle that he’s written for me. He’s an expert at remembering the slightest mention of something and creating the most memorable gift out of it. On that note, Jon is an excellent listener, and it’s one of the biggest reasons I’m marrying him soon. He makes me feel heard and understood like no one ever has. Jon has always encouraged me to be myself, and I love him for that. Jon is also smashingly good looking for his age, which is really just the perfect cherry on top of an already excellent ice-cream sundae.” BONNIE


Mars and The Moon Films + Photos Reviews from Marry Me Tampa Bay Couples:

Marry Me Tampa Bay curates the below reviews from real couples whom we've personally interviewed. As Tampa Bay's most trusted wedding planning resource, these reviews are 100% accurate and aren't created by fake accounts.

Bride and Groom Just Married Indian Wedding Portrait | Tampa Photographer Videographer Mars and the Moon

Elegant Gold and Red Indian Fusion Wedding | Fenway Hotel

It was extremely important to us that our photos and video have an air of authenticity and creativity and that were just a little bit off the beaten path. We wanted our personalities to shine through and for things not to be too gimmicky or posed.

Mars and the Moon Films stood out from all the other wedding videos that I watched while doing my research. There’s something incredibly genuine and real about their work. I found myself crying at wedding videos of people I didn’t even know, and the quality of their films is unmatched. Mars and the Moon Films gave us a wedding video that is beyond incredible. I still watch it every week and love it more each time.

-Sarah and Ishan
Romantic Bride and Groom Waterway Wedding Portrait | Sarasota Photographer and Videographer Mars and the Moon Films | Planner Kelly Kennedy Weddings & Events

Timeless White and Gold Sarasota Wedding | Powel Crosley Estate

We wanted a dark and moody vibe and less of the typical bright and airy wedding photos and videos you see. We also wanted people that had great personalities.

Bonnie and Jon of Mars and the Moon Films are so much fun! They are some of the coolest people we have ever met and are extremely talented. They are very transparent with setting expectations for the services they provide. We wanted REAL, and they captured Matt and I perfectly.

-Jordan and Matt
Bride and Groom Sunset Portrait at Tampa Heights Rooftop Wedding | Tampa Wedding Photographer Bonnie Newman Creative

Burgundy and Gold Downtown Tampa Wedding | Rooftop 220

I love that tradition, so hiring a great videographer was important. We were looking for someone that could capture our wedding day, not just all the big moments, but all the small details that really make the day special. I didn't want to feel like we were “posed” for pictures all day. I wanted the photos and the video to really capture what was going on throughout the day.

Bonnie Newman Creative did an incredible job! The way that they cut the video to show my dad practicing handing me off to Nathan to the ceremony was spot on. My dad was practicing it for weeks, and now I will never forget it.

Some of my favorite pictures from the wedding day are from when Nathan and I were practicing our first dance. We arrived at the reception space to take a look before everyone entered. We then took a few minutes to take a deep breath and practice our first dance. The room was empty and it felt like it was just us enjoying the moment. When I received the wedding pictures, I was surprised to see that Jon and Bonnie captured the moment. I didn't even know they were there!

Another one of my favorite photos was after the first look, when the bridal party, Nathan, and I were on the bus from the hotel to the ceremony venue. The emergency exit was open and letting in some wind. Nathan reached up to close the emergency exit so it wouldn't mess up the girls' hair. My sister then made a witty comment about it being symbolic that Nathan was closing the emergency exit on the way to the ceremony, not taking his last opportunity to run. Jon was on the bus with us and captured the moment in a photo.

I think hiring the photographer/videographer was one of the most stressful decisions that I had to make. I really wanted to make sure that we got great pictures and videos that we could look back at for the rest of our lives. I set up calls with several photographers/videographers. Bonnie and Jon were very responsive; they took the time to listen and ease any concerns I had. I loved that they work as a team, and I wouldn't have to worry about communication between the photographer and videographer, who is capturing what portions, or getting in each other's way. Our package also included an engagement shoot, which allowed us to meet Bonnie and Jon before our wedding so that we were more comfortable on the wedding day.

-Mariah and Nathan
Bride and Groom Intimate Forehead Touch Golf Course Wedding Portrait | Tampa Florida Photographer Mars and The Moon Films

Romantic Dusty Rose Bowling Green Wedding | Streamsong Resort

We hate getting pictures taken, and we didn't want anything that came across as stuffy or too posed.

Bonnie and Jon of Mars and The Moon Films were so easy to work with, and we connected with them from the start. The way they shoot weddings is so unique and authentic. Their portfolio of work is amazing. We didn't want a typical wedding film or the same posed pictures as everyone else, and they are so unique. We got along with them so well that they made the entire process easy and fun. Their services are unmatched. I watch our wedding film at least once a day, and it's six months later.

-Emily and Josh

Navy Blue and Dusty Rose Nautical Downtown Tampa Wedding | Yacht Starship

We looked for good quality, great reviews, and good personalities in our photo and video team.

We chose Bonnie Newman Creative because their personalities were fun and outgoing. They also have many years of experience, and I knew we were going to be in great hands working with them. Their past videos and photos blew us away! Bonnie and Jon also accommodated our needs and were so chill and easy to work and communicate with.

-Morgan and Seth
Romantic Lake Waterfront Sunset Bride and Groom Embracing Photo with Bride Veil Blowing in Wind | Tampa Bay Wedding Photographer Bonnie Newman Creative | Wedding Dress Truly Forever Bridal | Wedding Venue The Barn at Crescent Lake

Romantic Rustic Shabby Chic Mauve Wedding | Barn at Crescent Lake

I wanted to make sure we found a team that was cohesive and easygoing. I saw a video of Bonnie Newman Creative‘s work on YouTube and an Instagram from one of Marry Me Tampa Bay's articles/videos and fell in love with their work. I never had a professional session before, but after reading reviews of ‘Team Bon Jon' I knew they would be the best choice for us. That, and the fact that all of their work made me cry, and I wanted that for my wedding!

The team at Bonnie Newman Creative was amazing! They were down-to-earth, professional, had so much patience, and made sure to capture the best part of our relationship. Bonnie and Jon exceeded all expectations. The sheer quality of their photos and videos and their work ethic was amazing. Bonnie's videos were more than I could ever expect. I love that they captured who we were and didn’t change it to the point we wouldn’t recognize ourselves. They were easy to contact and stayed open to any and all questions we had! They answered every question, covered every concern, and made our wedding look like a dream! I knew they were great from what I saw, but working with them on a personal level was so easy, in a very uneasy/hectic time!

-Nicole and Piotr

As Seen on Marry Me Tampa Bay