6 Memorable Mother/ Daughter Wedding Day Moments

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6 Memorable Mother/ Daughter Wedding Day Moments | Tampa Bay Wedding Photography

Surrounding every bride on her Tampa Bay wedding day is someone who has played an important role in her life. This week we are honoring all of the mothers who have been by your side as you’ve planned your journey as a soon-to-be-wife.

To celebrate one of our favorite wedding guests, Mom, we’ve asked our Marry Me Tampa Bay preferred wedding photographers to share their favorite mother/daughter wedding day portraits.

“At the steps of the Le Meridian, mother and daughter had the opportunity to share some laughs before the hustle and bustle of all things wedding. We love being able to capture moments like these, with happiness and joy all around. There’s truly nothing like a mother’s love for her daughter, and the wedding day magnifies so many beautiful memories and emotions. It is important to set a time to enjoy some mommy time in the midst of a such a busy day, like your wedding day. We cherish moments like this.” -Dafne Spencer, Limelight Photography

“Marissa and Scott had a backyard wedding with just their moms and three grandmothers, so the grandma’s could all come. They all three signed the marriage license, and this is my favorite moment from their pretty little wedding!” -Carrie Wildes, Carrie Wildes Photography

“This was such a stand out bride/mother of the bride moment for me. Things were a bit hectic and a little behind schedule during this point in the day. The bride had just finished putting on her dress, but for the brief moment in this photo, everything stopped, and any stress in the air stopped. The bride and her mom just looked at each other and smiled, and you could really tell how much they meant to each other. It was very honest, and it was definitely one of those times I could feel my cheeks pressing against my camera because it made me smile so big as well.” -Ashley Roper, Grind and Press Photography

“One of our absolute favorite moments is when a mother helps her daughter put on her wedding gown! She is seeing her baby girl in a wedding dress, and it never ceases to be an emotional part of the day!” -Brittany Trevino, Rad Red Creative

“Mika’s Mom was just so adorable. She has such a bubbly, carefree flow about her that has so clearly been passed down to her daughter. Later that night she gave a beautiful speech about how excited she was for Mika and her new bride, Andrea to start their lives together, and it brought tears to everyone’s eyes.” -Bonnie Newman, Bonnie Newman Creative