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Vibrant Green, Pink, and Orange Downtown St. Pete Wedding | The Renaissance Vinoy

We chose The Artistic Whisk at the suggestion of our wedding planner, and they did not disappoint! We are not really cake people, so we wanted to keep it minimal and focus on having a gorgeous dessert bar with lots of different options.

For example, we knew we needed to incorporate cannolis, and we also had creme brûlée, cake pops, macarons, and this incredible chocolate peanut butter crisp brownie. It was amazing!

I wanted the cake design to echo the gold leaf accents of the overall wedding decor and to be subtle and allow the incredible flower arrangement around the dessert bar to really pop. The most important detail of the cake was the cake topper of our dog, Khaleesi. We commissioned it from an artist on Etsy, and she really nailed it!

-Andrea and Eric
Wedding Cake Art | Painted Colorful Watercolor Floral 5 Tier Wedding Cake with Sugar Flower Poppies by Tampa Cake Bakery The Artistic Whisk | Wedding Cake Table with Gold Votives and Taper Candles

Whimsical Purple Downtown St. Pete Wedding | The Birchwood

The cake was an opportunity to bring together all of the color and style of the wedding into a single element. We both agreed we loved hand-painted cakes pretty quickly. They are romantic, bold, and unique. We also wanted to include some sugar flowers for dimension and as little joyful confections. While we didn’t go into the tasting knowing exactly what flavors we wanted, we quickly zeroed in on our nostalgic sides. Our two flavors were orange creamsicle and chocolate strawberry. They reminded us of our favorite childhood ice cream flavors.

We had the opportunity to try all of the cakes from the various vendors we were considering at The Birchwood’s bridal show. The minute we tasted The Artistic Whisk’s cake we were both transported back to Europe. When we met with Jovana for our tasting, listening to her explain how she bakes using the traditional European style, with natural ingredients, allowing them to sing without being overly sweet, we were sold. She patiently went through every cake flavor and then every inspirational picture we brought in. Then, she drew up a sketch of all the details we asked for and it was perfect. The final product on the day was a breathtaking masterpiece. I couldn’t recommend them more to anyone looking for a traditional cake style in the most creative and modern flavors and adornments.

-Sarah and Mark
Six Tier Luxury Wedding Cake with Blush Pink and Gold Fondant Painted Marble Technique by Tampa Cake Bakery The Artistic Whisk | Gold Ornate Filigree Monogram Wedding Cake

Elegant Pink Downtown Tampa Wedding | Tampa Marriott Water Street

We selected The Artistic Whisk because we tasted their cake at a bridal show and loved their flavors. We wanted each layer of the cake to be elegant and beautiful using our theme colors. Our flavor selections were almond raspberry and coconut with roasted pineapple.

-Melissa and Daniel
Downtown Tampa Colorful Luxury Wedding Sweetheart Table with Repurposed Aisle Flowers | Bright Colorful Floral Circle Moon Round Arch Backdrop with Pink Roses and Purple Orchids and Greenery

Vibrant Pink Floral-Filled Downtown Tampa Wedding | The Vault

We actually didn’t have a wedding cake. We had numerous types and flavors of mini desserts. We loved the dessert table concept. My mother is also gluten intolerant, and I wanted to make sure there were gluten-free options available.

We were able to do a typical wedding cake flavor tasting with The Artistic Whisk, which was so fun, and then translate the flavors into mini desserts. We had gluten-free mini mousse, mint chocolate chip petit fours, vanilla mini cupcakes, chocolate mini cupcakes, gluten-free lemon mousse cups with almond meringue crunch, bananas foster trifle cups, apple crumb mini tarts, tiramisu mini tart, and gluten-free strawberry and champagne macarons.

-Andrea and Brian
4 Tier Fondant Lace Wedding Cake with Gold Monogram and Cascade of Fresh Blush Pink and Red and White Roses with Babies Breath on Gold Ornate Round Cake Stand | Tampa Wedding Cake Bakery The Artistic Whisk

Burgundy Disney-Inspired Clearwater Wedding | Kapok Events

For our wedding cake, we looked for someone who did not just do cookie cutter flavors and also made elegant cakes. We chose bananas foster (my personal favorite) and chocolate and strawberry for my husband who loves chocolate! We chose The Artistic Whisk because we wanted someone who made cakes with original flavors and did them well. It was also important to us that the cake was elegant and affordable.

-Gabby and Michael
Creepy Two Tier White Cake with Scary Mouth and Razor Sharp Teeth with Blood Splattered and Severed Hands Halloween Themed Wedding Cake, White Roses Cake and Knife Cake Topper, Wedding Dessert Table | Tampa Bay Cake Company The Artistic Whisk | Wedding Planner UNIQUE Weddings and Events

Spooky Downtown St. Pete Halloween Wedding | Manhattan Casino

Of course, everyone loves cake, but we needed a bakery that was also an artist and could fabricate realistic sharp jagged teeth on a wedding cake.

The Artistic Whisk's cake flavor combinations and the examples of their artistic styles made them an easy choice. It was difficult to choose flavors, so we chose two, blueberry with key lime and hazelnut with espresso. Everything was delicious, but the added gore decor on the cake and desserts really added to the event theme. The teeth turned out fantastic! Our guests couldn't stop commenting on the cake! They were very easy to work with and had no trouble incorporating two severed hands, purchased independently, into the cake base design.

-Debbie and Mark

Four Tier Wedding Cake with Gold Geometric Orb Layer by Tampa Cake Baker The Artistic Whisk | Piped Lace Buttercream Fondant Victorian Fancy Wedding Cake with White and Red Fresh Flowers Roses and Greenery

Mauve, Gold, and Navy Downtown St. Pete Wedding | The Birchwood

I really wanted something that looked very enchanting. We chose The Artistic Whisk after considering seven cake companies because they had the best customer service. They were quick to respond, and their cake tasted the absolute best of the bunch. We had three flavors: strawberries with champagne, chocolate, and blue velvet, (blue velvet was by far the best flavor).

One of the best parts about working with The Artistic Whisk was that they gave us exactly what we wanted. There were no alterations to the photo I sent them, and it looked even better in person. They are an outstanding cake company, and we will definitely be going back for more occasions.

-Na’iyma and Keith
Coastal Clearwater Beach Wedding Cake Cupcake Tower with Sugar Sea Glass and Die Cut Name Cake Topper | The Artistic Whisk

Intimate Coastal Inspired Sea Glass Blue Wedding | Hilton Clearwater Beach

We wanted a bakery that could give us something yummy and that offered some unique flavors! The Artistic Whisk was one of the three vendors that we were able to choose from in our Hilton package. We really loved looking at the cakes they showcased on their website, and they had so many amazing flavors to choose from.

-Cheyanne and Preston
Three Tier White and Gold Wedding Cake with Vibrant Pink Roses on Crystal and Gold Cake Stand | Tampa Bay Wedding Planner Parties A'la Carte | Wedding Cake The Artistic Whisk

Vibrant Pink and Gold Fairytale Wedding | The Don CeSar

We wanted a wedding bakery that could add a unique touch to our wedding and give guests a taste of Florida.

Since we were looking for a nod to local flavors, we were drawn to the Orange Creamsicle flavor, and it ended up being just as delicious as it sounded. The Artistic Whisk was willing to work with us to completely customize our cake. We had elements of three different inspiration cakes we wanted to include, and Artistic Whisk brought them all together seamlessly.

-Ashli and Greg
Elegant Two Tier White and Gold Painted Wedding Cake with Custom Cake Topper | Tampa Bay Wedding Baker The Artistic Whisk

Intimate St. Pete Beach Rooftop Wedding | Hotel Zamora

The Artistic Whisk was phenomenal. Their cake was so delicious and a gorgeous display!

-Kati and Kendall
Two Tier White Textured Wedding Cake with Burgundy Ribbon and Red and Ivory Roses, Just Married Gold Glitter Cake Topper | Tampa Bay Wedding Cake Baker The Artistic Whisk

Burgundy and Gold Downtown St. Pete Rooftop Wedding | Red Mesa Events

Bryan and I both have a major sweet tooth, so we agreed on a more simple cake, but a decadent dessert bar was a must. My aunt retired in 2019 and turned her love of baking into a business. In addition to the confections provided by The Artistic Whisk and Red Mesa Events, we also had three different flavors of truffles provided by Susanna’s Sweet Treats. Needless to say, there was not much left by the end of the night.

Everyone from friends to other vendors all said the same thing “Jovana, the owner, is the best!” As soon as The Artistic Whisk confirmed they were available for our date, that was it. I never even considered another bakery. We chose two cake flavors, Cinnamon Roll and Almond Raspberry, and our dessert bar included Pistachio Macarons, Salted Caramel Macarons, Tiramisu Cups, and Fruit Tartlets.

-Laura and Bryan
Elegant Classic White and Gold Painted Four Tier Wedding Cake with White Roses | Tampa Bay Wedding Baker The Artistic Whisk | Wedding Florist Bruce Wayne Florals | Tampa Bay Wedding Planner Parties A'la Carte

Luxurious Green and Gold Downtown St. Pete Wedding | Vinoy Renaissance

Size, taste, decor. I have lots of food allergies, so that's what it really came down to, who could accommodate our large guest count and my specific needs.

The décor of the cake from The Artistic Whisk was just gorgeous!

-Christa and Tony