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We’ve been inspired by the amazing feedback from Tampa Bay wedding vendors and venues to create a new service, Wedding Vendor/Venue Blog Management!

It’s no longer enough to tell brides what you do and only have a handful of pictures, they want to see you in action! With a wedding blog, Marry Me Tampa Bay will showcase your wedding work on your site. We can create your blog from scratch, or take over where you left off (for those of you who don’t have any new postings since 2011!).

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Why do I need a wedding blog? I already have a website and Facebook page.

Having a blog is no longer extra, it’s a necessity. Blogging is just as important, if not more, than social  media.

Imagine if a bride stumbled across your site, how does your information stand out from the competition? Remember that brides don’t necessarily know that you are established in the industry. Maybe their venues handed out a list of vendors and you are just one of ten others in your field. Or if they’ve visited some of the national sites, you could be just another vendor from a list.

Brides gravitate toward blogs. They want to see that you haven’t just done one or two great weddings, they want to see that you’ve done hundreds of great weddings. Nothing can establish your credibility faster than having a blog that showcases your best work.

Blogging also lets brides know get to know your personality. I love at the end of wedding photographer Jason Angelini’s blog posts, you always see a wacky picture of him and his couple. If I’m a bride, that tells me that he’s not just another vendor, but that he forms a relationship with his clients.

Your blog shows that you are the expert. If you are a wedding planner, letting brides know valuable wedding planning tips will make them more likely to hire you.

And if nothing else, Google loves your blog! Adding new content to your website will increase your page rank when brides search wedding key words. (Google likes webpages that have updated content.) If you’re updating your blog a few times a week, then Google is going to keep stopping by your page and push you ahead of your competition. If you just showcase your work on Facebook, then it won’t show up in a Google search. (Google your vendor category now and see how many Facebook posts come up). Also if you blog about your Don Cesar wedding, then next time a bride searches Don Ceasar and wedding florist (or wedding cake or Dj or whatever your category), you’ll have a much chance of being in the spotlight.

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