Gadabout Captures

An opportunity to show off more than just your wedding day, but one of the other fun parts… Your BACHELORETTE PARTY!

From one-hour styled shoot sessions to full weekend coverage, my job is to capture the moments the bride and her squad will want to remember forever.


What We Offer:

Bachelorette Party Shoots, Bridal Showers, Rehearsal Dinners, and everything in between Proposal to Wedding Day!

1 Hour Session – a styled shoot with your crew no limit on the number of edits

Full 1-Day Coverage – from the start of your day until lights out, consider me your paparazzi

Full Weekend Coverage – There for the long haul, I will not miss a beat, going to another city, another country… EVEN BETTER let’s get out of here


Our Wedding Style Is:

Vintage, Boho, Modern. Am I allowed to say all three? I love to change up the look and feel, making it a truly customized experience.

Our Personality Is:

I would call myself a chameleon. I am there in any capacity you want me to be. Want me to melt into the background capturing the details, done deal. Want me to party until we drop, I am there to capture every bit and be as involved or uninvolved as you desire.

What Inspired Us to Start Our Business is:

As someone who works in the wedding industry, we focus so much on wedding photography, but the whole process of being engaged is just as exciting. I feel that every moment from proposal to honeymoon deserves to be captured and remembered.

We Love Being a Part of the Wedding Industry Because:

The true love, the aesthetic, and let’s face it… THE OUTFITS! The more themed parties the better!

What Makes Our Business Stand Out From Other Vendors Is:

I am a girls girl through and through. I do this to create magic for very special people and often made lifelong friends with brides and bridesmaids alike post-Bachelorette Party!

One Thing Most Couples Would Be Surprised to Know About Us Is:

I lived in a van for a year and traveled. It is how I met my now partner in Utah on a hike in Arches National Park.

One of Our Non-Wedding Passions Is:

I am also a travel and lifestyle influencer that loves to play dress up and travel often! So anyway I can tie travel into business I do.

Our Pricing:

1 Hour Session: $350

Full 1-Day Coverage: $700

Full Weekend Coverage: $600 a day, flight, accommodations (usually I stay with the party for maximum coverage)


All parties are customizable and prices can vary, so let’s chat!

Our Associations/Awards:

Proud Marry Me Tampa Bay Vendor

Special Offer for Marry Me Tampa Bay Readers:

15% off full weekend coverage for Marry Me Tampa Bay Brides

GadAboutGab | Gabby Headshot

Meet Gabrielle Rene

When I am not jet-setting I am probably lounging with my horse (Great Dane) girly Blu or finding an excuse to throw a party in my backyard. I love themed parties (cough cough bach parties) and will take any opportunity to host.


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2Tampa Bay Bachelorette Party Photographer

4 Tips for Creating an Insta-Worthy Bachelorette Party

Having the Gadabouts Captures come to my bachelorette and join in on all the activities made all the difference! I could truly live in the moment and just focus on making memories with my best friends since I was not worried about who was getting pictures throughout the experience. I would have regretted not having her!

-Amanda Mawer