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CycleBar LogoCycleBar is the world's first and only Premium Indoor Cycling franchise. We offer concierge-level service, premium amenities, and an invigorating concert environment designed to Rock your Ride! With a mix of strength, endurance, challenges, hills, and drills, each 45-minute ride measures six key metrics of your daily and historical performance—and emails you the result to help track the progress of your fitness journey.

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Describe the workout:
Indoor cycling is a full-body workout! Riding with proper cycling form places a large emphasis on your core. In addition, the use of light choreography and a weighted armbar challenges your entire body's rhythm, coordination, and balance.

What makes CycleBar South Tampa stand out from other workout studios or gyms:
When you sign up for classes at CycleBar, you aren't just joining a regular gym. We treat our riders like family and often host studio events to foster a strong sense of community. For example, we host a Happy Hour Ride on Friday (with post-class beer and wine!) and a Sunday Brunch Ride (with post-class mimosas and snacks!) We are also very passionate about philanthropy and host charity rides for our riders to raise money for local and national organizations in need.

Who is ideal for this type of workout?
CycleBar is an effective workout for all ages (12+) and fitness levels. Our classes are conveniently formatted to provide modifications for new riders and added challenges for seasoned indoor cyclists.

CycleBar Tampa Workout

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What are some common misconceptions about CycleBar?
Many people believe they need to be in marathon-ready shape to try an indoor cycling class! All of our staff/CycleStars are here to help with your bike set-up and provide a detailed run-down of what to expect during class. We also offer a free 30-minute intro workshop twice each week to break down and teach you the basics of our method.

What results should Cyclebar attendees expect?
Riders see results almost immediately, both physically and mentally. The mix of cardio and strength training during class helps to clear the mind and boost your mood, all while efficiently strengthening your body in just 45 minutes!

Wedding Packages:
20% off 10-Class Package ($180 value) and/or 20% off 20-Class Package ($340 value)

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