Pink Pages Membership

In the wedding world, referrals are often the most valuable source of revenue for wedding pros. However, in-person networking isn't what isn't used to be regularly or you may want to expand your network beyond those who attend local events.

The Pink Pages directory provides an effective way to connect with Tampa Bay’s most respected wedding pros, by offering an online listing featuring headshots, contact info, and personal insight about the colleagues that you want to connect with.

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Have you ever reached out a local venue only to find that your contact is no longer there or have you wanted to send a token of thanks to someone whom you've recently worked with but didn’t know what that person would like and just gave up?

Maybe you’ve attended a networking event and found out after the fact that a vendor you’ve been wanting to meet was there, but you didn’t realize it until the event was over.

Our Pink Pages directory will keep you up-to-date with who works where, their personal preferences such as their ideal location to meet with other vendors, favorite gift ideas, and a list of who is attending upcoming networking events.

This directory is for vendor-to-vendor use only and will only be available to Pink Pages members.

*You do not have to be Marry Me Tampa Bay member to sign up for the Pink Pages.

We vet all new Pink Pages members to ensure we have the most respected wedding pros as part of our directory.

Pink Pages Directory Pricing:

Wedding Pro listing: $249/year (1 person)

Wedding Pro listing: $449/year (Up to 3 people within the same business)

Wedding Pro listing: $349/2 years (1 person) *Save $149 on a 2-year listing

Wedding Pro listing: $649/2 years (Up to 3 people within the same business) *Save $249 on a 2-year listing