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Amanda Rodriguez Parekh


Wedding Dance Lessons by Amanda


Hometown: Sebring, FL

Services Provided: Dance lessons for couples, parents of the couple, bridal parties, etc.

Areas You Service: Tampa

Describe your ideal client: Anyone who doesn’t take themselves too seriously, willing to try something new, and wanting to have a fun time

Favorite place to meet with other vendors: coffee shop

Favorite gift to receive from another vendor: gift card to any coffee shop!

What’s something most vendors would be surprised to know about you: I am also a speech language pathologist

Additional info: I’ve always loved having dance in my life. Training in ballet, tap, jazz, and hiphop throughout my childhood and then transitioning to teaching dance after graduating college, I found there’s always some form of dance for whatever stage of life you’re in. It wasn’t until my own wedding photographer asked me to choreograph her first dance, that I knew I could help bring this once-in-a-lifetime experience to other couples!I love dance and I love teaching so I married the two (see what I did there?) into a unique little passion project, helping newly engaged couples make the most of their wedding day. Not only did I choreograph my own latin-infused first dance, but since then, I’ve put together a bridesmaid line dance to “Despacito” and created a surprise dance turned conga-line to “Jump in the Line” among many others.