Marry Me Mornings Online Networking


“Marry Me Mornings” is an online networking meeting that allows you the opportunity to network from the convenience of your home or the office.

We’ll be discussing setting summer goals. Share your tips and struggles during our online networking event: Marry Me Mornings!

NEXT MEETING: Wednesday, November 13th, 10 a.m.


  • Do I need a webcam/mic? While it’s best that you do so we can see your face, you don’t need a webcam and if you don’t have a computer mic, we’ll provide a call-in number. You can also use your smartphone or iPad (which typically has a webcam and mic)
  • Is this a webinar? No. This is causal roundtable to allow weddings pros to discuss various topics and issues.
  • How long does it last? Typically an hour, but you can come and go as needed

Marry Me Mornings ONLINE Networking Event

  • If registering a 2nd attendee
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